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I met a guy on Myspace - can long distance relationships like this ever work?

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Question - (3 July 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 6 July 2008)
A age 30-35, * writes:

I met the cutest guy on MySpace by total accident!

We have started talking and he's so cool and absoultly adorable!!! The problem is I live in the United states and he livesi in Estonia... (a country close to Russia for those of you that don't know.)

I've started to have a slight crush on him...

I think he is flirting with me too so my question is do long (and I mean loooong) distance realtionships work ???

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A reader, anonymous, writes (6 July 2008):

This is verified as being by the original poster of the question

I know it's not some old guy trying to hurt me or mess around with me because I talk to him on webcam but thanks for the concern

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (3 July 2008):

Dude, I know I prolly sound like a parent saying this--- but you reallllllllllly need to be careful with what you're doing here. Situations like this are unbelievably dangerous. Honestly I think you should stick to guys closer to you, and ones you know....

you'll less likely end up getting hurt that way..

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (3 July 2008):

They sometimes work, but most of the time they don't. A person has to have a big level of maturity and affection for the person that no physical will not be a problem. No offense, but at your age it will likely not last that very long. You have to be realistic here. You can still give it a try, but be careful since it's the internet and you don't who's out there.

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A female reader, Gothic Wolf United States +, writes (3 July 2008):

Gothic Wolf agony auntwell like you my boyfriend lives in another country and we met online, we have been talking for almost a year....if you love him and want to make it work it will work but you have to want it.....I hope I helped at least alittle bit

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A reader, anonymous, writes (3 July 2008):

In my experience, they don't sweetie. First of all, you have no means of transportation, and I doubt you have the money to fly to see him....and besides, if you did....The FBI would probablybe chasing you close bye. Just stick to friendship, and chit chat...If its ment to be now, it will still be in 5 years when you are leagal. Good luck sweet pea!!

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