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I Broke Up With My Boyfriend, And Now I'm Jealous Over A New Girl He's Seeing.

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Question - (3 July 2012) 1 Answers - (Newest, 4 July 2012)
A female United States age 36-40, anonymous writes:

So I broke up with my boyfriend about 6 weeks ago. It wasn't in anyway a bad break up- our relationship kinda fizzled out and we decided it was time for us to go our separate ways.

Recently(like the past few days) I've been thinking about him alot and wondering what hes up to. So I decided to look and now I'm sorry I did!

Turns out hes been seeing alot of a girl in our extended social group. They seem to have gone alot of places together alone and last weekend he drove up to where she was visting friends and drove her home.

I'm so MAD! Completely irrational mad. I mean they could be just friends right? I don't even know why I'm so mad- its not like I want to get back with him! How do I deal with this feeling?

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A female reader, Ricky2727 United States +, writes (4 July 2012):

Ahh, I know exactly how this is because i've done the same thing with an ex before. I think its more of an ego issue than you guys breaking up. Sometimes we want to see the other person grieve a loss as it boosts our egos and makes us feel more valuable. As horrible as it sounds... it can be quite true in certain cases and its just human nature. Nobody is perfect and can't be selfless all of the time.

I can't fully speak on your behalf simply because i'm not you but I do think you're suffering from a simple ego bruise. Its like... how dare he move on so fast right? It happens and unfortunately the best way to cope is to stop intentionally seeking out information about him and just move on. You need to accept the fact that the only life you're in control of is your own and go forward. I know it's tough but you'll feel better in the end. Hope this helped and best of luck!

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