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He seems less interested in me, and is only really happy when we're doing things sexually.

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Question - (21 May 2010) 1 Answers - (Newest, 23 May 2010)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:

my boyfriend and i have been together just over one year now. he has cheated on me in the past but with a girl he has never met, so i let it go by and still love him. but just recently within this past month he seems like he is a bit less interested in me and only seems really happy when were doing things sexually.. it's confusing me as it seems that sometimes he loves me and other he doesn't. i also am very conscious about him talking to other girls because of the past. i don't want to break up with him, i just need some guidance on what could make him show i do need to be told i'm loved etc..

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A female reader, laydee37 United Arab Emirates +, writes (23 May 2010):

Hey honey! :)

Ok first of all, you truly do love him for forgiving him after he cheated on you! But don't you think he might do it again?

He might think that you've already forgiven him once so he might do it again!

How bout not do anything sexual? Maybe then he'll wake up and realise that he should treat you right first!

If you let him just have sex with you all the time, he might just use you for it!

Show him that you're not that easy!

Good luck! :)

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