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Falling Again

Tagged as: Marriage problems, Three is a crowd, Troubled relationships<< Previous question   Next question >>
Question - (30 November 2008) 4 Answers - (Newest, 15 July 2010)
A female United States age 41-50, *Loves writes:

I have a Big problem!! I am married and find myself falling in love with another man!! This is so seperate from my marriage!! I still love my husband and we are happy! Is it possoble to be in love with two people at once? And, what should I do?

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A female reader, jlimard United States +, writes (15 July 2010):

Yes it is possible to fall in love with two men. When i came to realize is that I never was actually in love with my husband. the funny thing is that the man I am in love with is also married. I finally told my husband and it got really violent so i do advise younot to mention anything to him unless you are ready for the consequence.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (30 November 2008):

I think you should tell your husband before anything actually happens. I have recently had an affair with a man I'm completely in love with and my husband doesn't understand why I didn't tell him before the affair began - I wish I had as it would have saved so much hurt.

Talk to you husband - don't do anything behind his back because it will cause you both so much hurt. If you still love him address the issues which have caused you to have feelings for another man.

Good luck


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A female reader, Geeko_Magnite_Woman United States +, writes (30 November 2008):

Geeko_Magnite_Woman agony aunti think that you should tell your husband and the other man and see what they think. mabey they will know what to do!?

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A female reader, luvy duvy United States +, writes (30 November 2008):

luvy duvy agony auntYes, I believe it is possible to be in love with two people at ounce, but the question is...Are both of them in love with you? You think your falling in love with this other man, but is he falling in love with you?

I believe marriage should be healthy...meaning no lies, no secrets, no cheating.

But...I also think you should keep this to yourself...Hang on to your marriage. "Some things are better left not said."

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