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Anxious about the future. What help should I seek to overcome these obstacles that exist in my life?

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Question - (6 September 2016) 4 Answers - (Newest, 17 September 2016)
A male age 30-35, *lysses writes:

Flunked out of college twice and now I'm 25 expecting to graduate next year after 7 years of schooling.

I have lost all hope in my future because of my failure and an extremely competitive job market. I have no idea what I am struggling for and I am too afraid to let go of life no matter how miserable it is.

Is there any hope for my future and have I reached the point whereby I my mistakes and failures will outweigh any possible future rewards?

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (17 September 2016):

Also adult classes are for everyone!

And the group is generally multicultural and mixed ages!

You put students together according to their experience of language such as beginners, intermediate and advanced!

You have a whole friendly world out there waiting for you to join in and get talking !

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (17 September 2016):

Being a black african shouldnt be a reason to not consider teaching abroad!

Black africans speak a variety of different languages when all put together they just love to communicate in English!

It is a very happy experience when someone who speaks only hausa learns to say to someone who speaks only yoruba "hello what is your name!"

Language is not colour barred.

So many different cultures meet together for language lessons and everyone embarks on language courses for different reasons!

Finding the common ground is fun!

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A male reader, ulysses  +, writes (6 September 2016):

ulysses is verified as being by the original poster of the question

ulysses agony auntThanks for answering. I've thought of entrepreneurship but I don't have a creative bone in my body also I am a black African there's no chance of me being hired to teach English abroad. I'm not concerned about compensation/salary. My no.1 worry is my getting my foot through the door of any relevant job

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A male reader, soul832016 Australia +, writes (6 September 2016):

I definitely want to answer this. Because I see myself in your description. Firstly, no matter what do not consider suicide. It's not the answer to anything!

I was your age 8 years ago and facing very much the same prospects having failed a number of subjects and graduating with a degree that proved virtually useless in the job market. I felt let down and despondent. But I refused to give up. I went down the dark path of depression for a short while but something snapped me out of it. It was the beginning of a journey that took me overseas to teach English. That forever changed my life.

Looking back on everything now, the best advice I can give you is to consider applying for lots of graduate positions and not losing hope if you get knocked back. Take some career profile tests and think about what other skills you can gain from short courses (maybe even distance education).

If you look at doing lower paid work that may seem less than you're qualified for, it will at least break you out of the cycle of feeling down and you can look at it as a temporary thing that adds value to your resume in the way of transferrable skills and it shows potential employers that you didn't just sit around after graduating. Transferrable skills is the key word here. You can use them to gain access to different positions in the job market and make yourself stand out.

25 is still so young. I'd love to go back to that age because there's a few things I would have done very differently. Still, I have no major regrets because I've lived in a very different country and experienced many things that the average office worker may never experience in their lifetime. I got married along the way too (at the age of 26 overseas).

So don't limit yourself to what's out there. Take a look at TESOL and teaching English overseas. I chose China but there are plenty of other countries to try out. Just an idea for you.

By the way, if you enjoy using computers you could make some friends through language exchange websites. That's something to add to your resume - learning a language and tutoring students.

Lots of ways to get out there, be creative and have fun. Thought about being entrepreneurial? Create your own job. Lots of ideas and things to be excited about. Good luck!

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