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Am I too obsessive? I need something else in my life!

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Question - (30 May 2010) 3 Answers - (Newest, 31 May 2010)
A female United States age 26-29, *essmca writes:

Okay so my boyfriend and I feel really strong about each other, but the thing is I feel more strong then him.. He says he always loves me more, and I feel that's a lie. I know I love him more but I feel a little obsessive. If he doesn't call me back or text me back within an hour or so I call me and I start to think bad stuff and then eventually I will break down. He always says sorry if he doesn't pick up and blah blah blah blah. I just wanna scoop down to his level where I feel less affection it then him. I wanna be able to focus on other things and not always be worrying about him. I need something else in my life help me!!

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A female reader, Emilysanswers United Kingdom +, writes (31 May 2010):

You are going to lose him if you carry on like this.

So go out with your friends and find something to do with your life so you aren't sat staring at your phone until he replies.

Good Luck!! xx

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A reader, anonymous, writes (31 May 2010):

Let yourself be obsessive, it doesn't matter, although I would say you're taking life far too seriously!! Enjoy being so young!!

Maybe don't text him for one day, make him make the effort, if you can conttrol yourself fr one day then there's hope!! If not the problem will continue

if you have that kind f self control by 15 I'm impressed!!

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A male reader, Nindog United States +, writes (31 May 2010):

Nindog agony auntWell I think what your problem might be is that you are taking this relationship too seriously and you need to calm down a bit. I know that right now it seems that he is your world and you want to just be attached to him but that's not how it works. You will scared him off you come in to strong. I also recommend you to talk to him about what you are feeling so he understands what you are going through. I hope this helps.

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