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I am a 20 year old girl .

I do sometimes feel a lot other though through life experiences.

I am so glad that I found this site!! This is really something for me ,I want to help everybody!!

I am not scared of any questions and NOTHING shocks me ;)

I was going to ask him out in a few days but now I'm not sure

Q.   okay i like this boy and he likes me too. everything was going great last week.. until friday. we were speaking and smiling and everything to each other. but on friday i seen him at lunch at school and he walked past and i think he said hi to me but ...

A.   3 May 2009: he likes you ;) he just proberly felt rejected because he thought you ignorned him. By not asking him out .. you're throwing what you have away ,he definitly wont ask you out because he thinks that you ignored him ,surprise him and ask him out ,what ... (read in full...)

I don't want to tell my boyfriend that my baby is not his. Help!

Q.   Im 15 and im 10weeks pregnant, i do have a boyfriend who i have been with for about a year but in febuary we had a break and i got a bit drunk and slept with another boy. And i know for a fact the baby is his. i got back with my boyfriend about a ...

A.   3 May 2009: you are going to have to tell him otherwise youll have massive problems in the future .. its only fair to him ,the baby and yourself ,how can you live a lie for the rest of your life ,dont lie girl ... okay it will be painfull and he might leave ... (read in full...)

Stopping this vicious cycle!

Q.   Hello, happy to know you exist,here i go...well once upon a time i met a handsome man that was very responsible and a hardworker and some...he was divorced w/3 kids and i never married but did have 2 of my own, so we decided to make a big happy ...

A.   27 April 2009: My mom went through the same thing for 11 years ,and after 2 kids and a abusive marriage ,she plucked up the courrage to leave him ... he then wanted her back and said hes terribly sorry and that he has changed... after 6 months pregnant with the ... (read in full...)

HIV test tomorrow and I'm really scared....

Q.   im going for an hiv test tomorrow and im so scared i might test x bf was a player and he slept around,i found out he tested positive and ever since i have been scared.i have never had sex with anyone but him he is my first.please give me ...

A.   23 April 2009: Sweeti, I know you are scared, but like most of them said, we cant take your fear away, we can only be there for you and give you some sort of support, it's a 50/50 situation, try not to stress over it, because you can't change the result anyway.. ... (read in full...)

Will our childhood relationship last?

Q.   I'm 15 and my girlfriend is 14 and we are seriously thinking about moving in with eachother when im 20 and she's 19 are we crazy? Are we going to last that Long?...

A.   23 April 2009: Well I am 20 years old now ,and boy did life look different when i was 15 :D I was madly inlove with this boy,he was also my age ,and i honestly thought he was the ONE.we were planning to move in with eachother ,have kids, get married ... well we b... (read in full...)

Is there anything you can recommend that I can do that is not going to cause me problems down the road?

Q.   I'm a guy in my late 40's and I have feelings for a girl who is 30 years old. I am training her and as a result we meet up a couple of times a week. I know that she likes me and we get on brilliant together but because of my professional sit...

A.   23 April 2009: well you are both adults arent you? if she was 18 it would be a different story. You cant hide your love for her.. if its only a short period that you have to train her ,I would recommend you to wait.. and if its going to take a while,just be open ... (read in full...)

Does physical chemistry have to be mutual to happen?

Q.   A Question in general... On the experience do you think that chemistry between two people can only happen when there is a deep mutual attraction or do you believe in one sided chemistry? Can one individual feel an intense connection and chemis...

A.   23 April 2009: I know true love doesn't have to be fulled with chemistry,but then you are best friends,right? Its nice to just have passion and lust for one another and still make eachother laugh and trust eachother... even if it doesnt last forever its definitly ... (read in full...)

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