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Was my Bf being insensitive for not texting me all day? Or am I expecting too much ?

Q.   I need some objective advice. I am too close to the situation and too emotional I think. My boyfriend and I have been together for more than 3 years. Yesterday, he had family over for the day and did not contact me at all. I texted him at th...

A.   21 August 2016: maybe you are thinking to much of him let it loose a little family is very important and yes he might have checked hks phone before going to bed but remeber family can be exausting maybe he just wanted sleep. dont think he is distansting from you ... (read in full...)

Can people rise out of a depressing life to achieve good things? Or am I destined to achieve nothing?

Q.   I'm going nowhere in life. I contrast the way things are now with the dreams I had as a young girl and I feel like a pathetic drip. I thought I was going to do amazing things in the world and leave a legacy but all I've done is fail at life and...

A.   21 August 2016: hey dont worry almost everyone will have times in their lifes were the feel like giving up on themselves but dont because this could be the start of something brilliant so get up go to the gymn if you whant to lose some weight tidy yourself up and ... (read in full...)

He treats me with disinterest. How can I get the courage to tell him to ''get lost'' ?

Q.   So this is a bit complicated and I will try to keep it short. I used to have a thing for a guy when I was 16. I asked him out when I was 19 but he said no since he was in a relationship(which I was unaware of). Then I decided to move on and ...

A.   21 August 2016: just come out with it tell him to go away or just stop talking to him which ever you feel more comfortable with... (read in full...)

When I was much younger I wrote love letters to a teacher. Yes, inappropriate, at the time. Why didn't the teacher report me at that time?

Q.   I use to write love letters to my teacher, I did not know the boundaries of teacher students I obviously knew you can't have a relationship with a teacher but I had no idea you could get into trouble for writing love letters. Until a different ...

A.   21 August 2016: well depending on how young you were the teacher maybe didnt report you because he knew you were only young and didnt want to hurt your feelings. ... (read in full...)

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