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The adults on this site are so annoying!!!

Q.   God, can I just say. Adults on this site are so annoying. I am 13. I haven't asked any... I dunno, sex related questions personally. But looking at the responses for people who are 13 and having sex issues like that girl with the vibrator ect. You ...

A.   19 April 2009: @OP: Make WHAT better for everyone? Underage sex? I may not be speaking for everybody, but one should be at least near an adult to even consider sex, if one is to do it correctly and safely. It's those people who dont think like an adult who do a... (read in full...)

Are there really guys that like petite girls?

Q.   I've been wondering this for the longest time - are there really guys that like petite girls??? I'm Asian (maybe that has something to do with it?), 5'3, and barely 90 pounds. I've had boyfriends (so I guess people must find something attractive) ...

A.   7 April 2009: Petite women are extremely physically attractive, but they tend to be shy. Most guys dont go for shy girls, so make your presence known!... (read in full...)

I think I might be sick next time..

Q.   My boyfriend has a smelly cock and he keeps wanting me to go down on him, what do I do? I keep wretching - think i may be sick the next time- help!...

A.   4 February 2009: Yeah, given what they're used for and their environment, they'll smell from time to time. Just tell him your sensitive (even if you're not) and you'd be much more willing and you'd make it last longer if he'd hop in the shower and clean it :D... (read in full...)

Why do I feel like CRAP after finding out an old friend is in Playboy?

Q.   Hey all, this is probably kind of a stupid situation, but I just found out a girl I went to high school with and was friends with is on the cover of the new Playboy lingerie magazine. Ever since I found this out (it was just yesterday) I have felt ...

A.   15 January 2009: Think of it from my point of view: My MOM was a playboy model. I've seen the pictures (bikinis, I dared not inquire more, and I didnt even want to see those). You can just imagine what her family might think- Selling your beauty is one thing, b... (read in full...)

Is death so bad?

Q.   Is death so bad? Is there anything, after we die? And if there isn't that life is just a big trip? Sometimes good, sometimes bad? How can we make sense of all that? I don't think death is so bad... It is just ending your long suffering. When life ...

A.   12 January 2009: Death ends what could be the thing which keeps the living alive. The point of life is to make this world a better place for those who follow. Death is enivitable. To fear death is to live in fear, living in fear is not living.... (read in full...)

I'm having health problems and the doctors say its just stress!

Q.   I am really annoyed and seriously at my wits end. I have been having some medical symptoms and have now been to THREE different doctors now who have all fobbed me off and sent me away saying my symptoms are stress related or something of this nature ...

A.   12 January 2009: Why dont you humor the professionals and take a breather for a week, see if you get better? Sleep more, drink less, breath deep and seek peace. I have half of these symptoms when I am under alot of stress at work- I have no other medcal oddities... (read in full...)

How much can I get screwed over in court for a divorce after a 1 year marriage?

Q.   Seriously, how much can I get screwed over in court for a divorce after a 1 year marriage? The specifics are: I live in NJ, married in Louisiana. My wife (6 years older than me) was just obviously trying to get a free ride with the military. She ...

A.   9 January 2009: Tell your story to a judge and jury... Wife or not, a mooch is a mooch. Seek legal counci, perhaps the military or a military judge can arbitrate. It would be to your advantage.... (read in full...)

What did he mean when he typed in "preteen" on a PC search engine?

Q.   Hello there - I used a friend's computer the other day and noticed on the search engine that he had time in "preteen". I love my friend to pieces, he is a lovely lovely chap - why would he type this in? There were no videos or anything downloaded ...

A.   8 January 2009: If 'preteen' was put into any normal search engine, kiddy-porn would not be the outcome. Anybody with a brain can tell you searching for illegal things this way yeilds no results. Keep in mind, please, Google now inputs terms FOR you, ones whi... (read in full...)

Depressed & lonely! Need help!

Q.   I'm 17 year old and live in NYC.. Since I can remember I've never had friends for long.. Since age 14 I dont have any friends male or female... I DONT GO ANYWHERE.I only care for a boyfriend as my companionship.BTW:I am only ATTRACTED TO OLDER MEN ...

A.   28 December 2008: 1. Finish high school. GED is worse. 2. Get a job. 3. It's likely illegal for anybody in your age group choice to date you, it's a form of child abuse. 4. Seek help for your depression.... (read in full...)

My g/f's job is to hold a man's parts

Q.   hey, so i've found the woman of my dreams. We're both crazy in love w/ each other and going on a year now together. I have this one issue that bugs me soooo much and it seems the more feelings I develop for her, the more this issue bugs me. She ...

A.   25 December 2008: Honestly, dont you think you'd not want to be a boob inspector if you had to inspect ALL the boobs which came into the hospital? I'm sure she dislikes her job more than she enjoys it :D... (read in full...)

My 5 year old daughter kept giving our dog chocolate. Our dog end up being put to sleep, and my wife is blaming the 5-year-old.

Q.   My 5 year old daughter "Lauren" (not her real name) (she was 14 in dog years) chocolate. I told her not to but she didn't listen. Then my other daughter (who's 13) came to me saying something was wrong with the dog. Long story short our dog en...

A.   1 November 2008: It's a hard lesson to learn, but she needs to understand (in as NICE a way as possible) that she REALLY should have listened to you when you said not to feed the dog human food, especially chocolate. ... (read in full...)

How can I stop her from keeping baking me cookies?

Q.   Hi, I'm 13, my mum keeps baking cookies for me and I don't like them. I've spoken to her about this but she insists on baking them. The other day I opened up my lunch box at school and there they were, her home made cookies. I can't stand the taste ...

A.   22 October 2008: Ask if she can make any other kind of cookie- You liked these initially, but after eating them every day, you need some change. I did the same thing with my mom, albiet it a bit older... She would cook this lemon chicken 2-3 times a week, and the ... (read in full...)

Should I give him back his ring?

Q.   okay this is going to sound REALLY dumb after my last post I just did... but my bf of 9 months dumped me last night.. He didn't even have the courage to tell me in person, or even through a phone call! He did it over texting, around midnight...

A.   21 October 2008: I'd say he doesnt deserve it back. Stick it in a locker for a year- If you then want to keep it, do so, if it's painful still, sell it. Given the situation, its 100% yours to keep.... (read in full...)

She says she's showing signs of a pregnancy and is threatening to sue me for child support! What should I do?

Q.   I thought I had feelings for a girl but I realized that I didn't after we got naughty in the car. However she was telling me that she was on birth control and that I shouldn't have to worry about it. I didn't ejaculate at all during intercourse and ...

A.   20 October 2008: Sounds like you found yourself a psycho, honestly. if she SAID she was on birth control, you KNOW you didnt ejaculate, and it HAS been less than 48 hours, it sounds to me like there is an EXTREMELY small chance she is actually preggers. The n... (read in full...)

I shouldn't need to justify myself to my parents all the time!!!

Q.   hello everyone... i kinda need some help about my parents... so here goes... last year i stayed out for my first year at university... i was based in uni halls and loved it so much... i did what i wanted came home when i wanted to and everything was ...

A.   19 October 2008: If you want to be seperate from your parents, you have to have your own home :-P As long as you're living under their roof, you're living by their rules, really. Maybe you can get an apartment with a few friends? Doesnt work out to be expensiv... (read in full...)

I was having sex with a guy then it all went wrong...

Q.   hi I went to have sex with a very gorgeous guy, it was going all ok, and then it went very wrong.. he put the condom on... and we started having sex... then he stopped.. and he started having problems with keeping it going and gettin the condom on ...

A.   18 October 2008: Yeah, condom difficulties plague guys even when erectile difficulties dont. Condoms can be too tight, foreskins make it difficult sometimes, condoms can be too loose... Not that I have a vast library of personal experience, but I had alot of ... (read in full...)

Why doesn't anyone want to be with me?

Q.   I am 23 years old and I have never had a boyfriend, I have never had sex, I've never even had oral sex and this is not because I don't want to... it's because no one has ever tried. See, I think the problem is I am 23 but I look like I'm 16... I'm ...

A.   18 October 2008: Some guys like 'hot' girls, IE legs, tans, large chests, etc... Some guys (like me) like the cute girls, being deterred by the general unavailability and exclusion the 'attractive' and 'cool' people have imposed on them all throughout school :-P ... (read in full...)

I can't get my girlfriend's casual past out of my head!

Q.   My girlfriend and I have been together since 3 months now.I am 26 and she is 24.She's beautiful,sexy,honest and fun. My problem is i cant get over her casual past.It keeps haunting me. She has numerous casual sexual encounters and has tried almost...

A.   11 October 2008: Honestly, once the seed has been planted, it's very hard to get over it. It's entirely up to you, but I can tell you, I have been there. Personally, some associate sex with fun, some with love, and some with both. Some are able to disassoc... (read in full...)

Is it normal to not have climaxed yet?

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been dating for eight months and I know I love him, but I'm not crazy about our sex. Sometimes I'm just really not interested in having sex and nothing he does will get me in the mood. And I haven't climaxed yet. Is this a ...

A.   11 October 2008: You have to know what you like before he can know. Do you masturbate? If so, show him what you do (or tell him, whatever, really). Let him know what works, and then he can try some things. If you dont even know how to plasure yourself, fnd that... (read in full...)

I can't get my girlfriend's casual past out of my head!

Q.   My girlfriend and I have been together since 3 months now.I am 26 and she is 24.She's beautiful,sexy,honest and fun. My problem is i cant get over her casual past.It keeps haunting me. She has numerous casual sexual encounters and has tried almost...

A.   11 October 2008: Well, to see it from more than one point of view, were the drugs recreational (fun), prescribed, manditory (addiction)? Were they abused, used within limitations? Why didnt her parents do anything about this abuse she suffered? Why ar... (read in full...)

I feel like a failed mother as my son masturbates all the time.

Q.   I am I concerned mother, my son is 14 years old, and he masturbates, but the thing is that, he masturbates anywhere he wants, last night we were having dinner, whith my husband, my other son and my two daughters, and he just started masturbating ...

A.   5 October 2008: At age 18-25, dont you think you are a bit young to have 4 children, and one who is 14?... (read in full...)

Does anyone know what EMO means?

Q.   hi. I'm a 12 going on 13 and I want to know what is emo. My ex boyfriend was emo. but he stopped 4 me. He won't tell me what emo really is. I really want to know so I'm asking you. What is emo?...

A.   5 October 2008: As I know it, "emo" is those who listen to the music as previously mentioned, and or are depressed by their own will, or act that way. Possibly suicidal (for show) and self-infliction of mental or physical pain. ... (read in full...)

Are Virgos able to forgive?

Q.   Once a Virgo has had their fellings hurt and they ask for sometime to think and feel uncomfotable around the one who hurt them . Are Virgos able to forgive after an apology has been made right away or do they just eliminate the person out of their ...

A.   1 October 2008: Do you really think the month (or so) in which somebody is born has any effect at all of their mental state and personal characteristics? BTW, I am a virgo, and I forgive.... (read in full...)

For the guys...Are looks everything to you in a relationship?

Q.   Hey, this is a question for the guys out there. But would you rather go out with a really stunning girl, with no personality, or a not as beautiful girl who you had lots in common with? I guess what I’m asking is, Are looks everything to yo...

A.   28 September 2008: To me, attraction is looks, and love is emotional. I cant have a real relationship with either lacks. So to answer your question, no, looks are not everything.... (read in full...)

The scars from my breast reduction are making me insecure about sex!

Q.   Three years ago I had a breast reduction...and now I have scars on my breasts and they also had to make my nipples smaller so there are scars around them too. My question is, if I have sex with a guy, should I tell him before we have sex or should I ...

A.   25 September 2008: Modern plastic surgeons rarely leave large enough scars- Just because you can see them and point them out, doesnt mean another guy can, especially with a pair of those directed at him :-D... (read in full...)

My boyfriend never sees the best in me, but expects me to see the best in him! Why is this?

Q.   why does my boyfriend never see the best in me,yet im always expected to see the best in him, why do boys behave in this pathetic way? ...

A.   24 September 2008: Dont just say boys behave this way- I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and wanted to be friends... Short lived. She wrote me, saying to the effect, "Take me as I am. I'm not changing for you... You can be very annoying, you need to stop. There ... (read in full...)

Why do guys only like skinny, slutty girls and why don't they like overweight girls, who are great people on the inside? Any insights?

Q.   i want to know why guys are so mean and picky that they only like skinny girls that are slutty and why they don't like overweight girls. It really hurts my feelings that they judge me based on the way that i look and not whats on the inside, I ...

A.   24 September 2008: My thoughts: When those guys are only going for the thin, pretty girls with nothing inside (sorry to stereotype) you should know they arent thinking with their heads. When guys think with their hormones, they go on looks alone. When guys think o... (read in full...)

He got drunk and made out with another girl. Do I give him a second chance?

Q.   My boyfriend and me went a bar together. Well he end up getting drunk off his a$$ (I don't really drink.) I went to the bathroom. I get back and he was making out another girl. I did took him home before he do something more stupid. My question is...

A.   20 September 2008: Why did you post this same 'occurance' twice with similar details? Was he dancing ont he table, or making out with another girl? I smell SPAM (read in full...)

I can't let go of the past and the dreams I had with my ex-boyfriend.

Q.   Thank you for reading this message. I feel as though my world is falling apart. I broke up with my boyfriend who I had been with for 4 years nearly a year ago now. It was a very painful and horrible breakup, but I was living abroad and threw myself ...

A.   7 September 2008: I'm basically in your same position- I had a high-school sweetheart girlfriend nearly 4 years, and things started to fall apart- she had very low self esteem, and some other emotional problems... I had been working around her problems because I had ... (read in full...)

Off topic, I know, but does anyone know how the Rubiks Cube works? I need to prove a point!

Q.   I have a Rubiks Cube.... My cousin James spent the summer with the famiy and I. I was on the couch playing with the cube and i got frusterated with it and said "here james you figure it out!" (i was tired, and do things right when tired) he aske...

A.   19 August 2008: If it squeaks, likely he took it apart. If you now cant get it working, that's your fault :D As long as it looks whole, it will work.... (read in full...)

My boyfriend's memory problems... are they a sign that he's not interested in me or something medical? For example, he completely forgot that I had been in hospital!!!

Q.   I am feeling upset and that my boyfriend doesn't care about me because he has forgotten some things which have been important to me. I love him so much but I feel like I am getting little in return at times. I am starting to worry that he has a ...

A.   17 July 2008: I am the forgetful guy, it's types of things which are hard to remember. Names, dates, personal details, not a chance :-D In one ear, out the other, almost regardless of how much I try and memorize. Numbers, the clothing people wear, faces, sha... (read in full...)

How do I talk to a boyfriend that thinks I'm a compulsive liar?

Q.   I have been in a relationship with my BF for a little over a year. He doesn't trust me and I spend all my time with him. Now I feel like everything I say is wrong so I don't even speak. he gets so mad at me and tells me I'm a compulsive liar and a ...

A.   17 July 2008: More likely than not (hard truth: beware) once you have lost his trust, it's very hard to earn back... I'm not saying you have lied too much, or cheated, nor am I saying he just thinks this for no reason. If the reason is you, it will be very ... (read in full...)

I uploaded sexy videos of my girlfriend's to the Internet, where do I stand legally now?

Q.   my girlfriend made some sexy vids for me and sent them 2 my email while i was working away , months later we split after i found out she was cheating and in the heat of the moment uploaded them to internet . she found out and has said she is going ...

A.   16 July 2008: How would you like it if nude videos of you were posted online? Take your punishment like a man. You can and likly will be arrested. Dont be a jerk and deny accountability for the upload- It's not fair and sets bad precedence. Tell the jud... (read in full...)

Can you catch genital warts if he wears a condom?

Q.   Hello, just a quick one. Can you catch gentil warts from someone if they wear a condom? I am female and he is male. Its just that i have heard he has it but doesn't know... so obv. i want to be careful. t...

A.   16 July 2008: Its not just "if the wart touches you", one can carry the virus in their skin, dormant, supressed, and it can still pass infection. I'm afraid to say it's never safe to have sex with somebody who has had HPV less than a year ago (for females,... (read in full...)

When we hold hands, our hands get sweaty, any way to stop it?

Q.   Hi everyone. Now this might seem like an odd question, but id be grateful for any replies. When me and my gf hold hands,it gets sweaty real quick.Is this normal? and is there anyway to stop it? Thanks...

A.   15 July 2008: Loop your index finger around hers, backs of the hands touching, kinda... Worked for me!... (read in full...)

What can I do about the degrading comments I get about my boobs?

Q.   Im 15 and have 34D boobs. I do like them (i consider them my best physical feature) but my problem is that i feel sometimes really degraded by the comments i get from boys about them. i dont wear low-cut tops to attract attention to them or anything ...

A.   13 July 2008: If they are actually using those words, that's sexual harassement... Take it up with your headmaster or principal.... (read in full...)

How to deal with girls with the 'roving eye' sydrome?

Q.   Well, this afternoon me and my friend were discussing about the behavior of girls and young women when it comes to dating and relationships. Both of us agreed on and were indignant towards women with the following attitude and behavior: 1). They ...

A.   5 July 2008: I agree, and the tips to deal with them are useful, you know what to look for and then can identify and can then back away. But I think asking for commitment (#1) isnt a problem, as long as it's the lone member on the list. I just got through... (read in full...)

Is sex in a commitment better than one night stands?

Q.   hi i want to no if being in a committed relationship make sex more pleasurable to women than casual sex...

A.   26 June 2008: Sometimes, it seems like you just want to f*** a hot guy/girl, but in reality, it's always shallow and empty. Committed sex is more fun!!!... (read in full...)

Do you think this new guy I have been seeing may have a fetish?

Q.   Okay I am just curious, I know there are people out there who have bizarre fetishes and such. I am wondering if this new guy I have been seeing may have one. I am curious here.....he recently set his myspace status to "I love coloring ;)" It soun...

A.   24 June 2008: Sounds to me like a childish thing... I personally, enjoy Legos ;-) I'm 23, but I get paid to play with them when I do!!... (read in full...)

Who here is against recreational sex? Any antisexuals?

Q.   I know several asexuals but only a handful of antisexuals. It's disheartening that I often feel I am alone on this. While asexuality is gaining acceptance, people ridicule those who are against sex. The only sex I am not against is proc...

A.   24 June 2008: Yes, but sex is also alot of fun, when done with plenty of regard for proper procedure and safty! However, I fully respect a-sexuals, and to an extent, anti-sexuals. There are many, many reasons (STDs and pregnancy) not to have sex. Personal... (read in full...)

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