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Will telling her I like her ruin our friendship?

Q.   So I met this amazing Muslim girl. I like her but she does not know it, maybe she knows because I have been very special to her. She will be moving away from my city without knowing what I feel for her. Is it recommended to tell her and not be ...

A.   19 June 2010: I would tell her . I have this a quy friend who liked me for 2 years and never told me, he called me one niqht and i hadnt seen him in like a few months (and i was in a different state) and he told me and i told him i was sorry but i didnt feel the ... (read in full...)

I need to hide a hickey from my parents, so they don't know where I've been!

Q.   hi... I really need help and fast. I spent the weekend with my boyfriend. My parents don't know about it and if they had ever found out that I would be in so much trouble. I got away with them not finding out that I was with him. The only thing th...

A.   19 June 2010: Hey.. Uhm, im 13 and to hide yhur hickey yhu shuld: Durinq the day, put liquid concealer on the hickey, and just the hickey. Then, after that dries, put powder on top and all around the area. At niqht, before yhu qot to sleep, rub ice on it for ... (read in full...)

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