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Will he ask me out or not...?

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Question - (30 November 2009) 2 Answers - (Newest, 30 November 2009)
A female Tunisia age 36-40, *aali writes:

few months ago i met this guy, well I have to admit that I liked him since the first moment I saw him but i really didn't think that anything could happen between us since he's sooooo shy and serious. with time he started paying more attention to me and giving me flirtious looks but when our eyes meet or when we come close he blushes and says "hey" nervously. so i took the initiative and asked him a random question just to break the ice and see what happens and to my surprise he seemed to be very happy with me talking to him and he came and sat by my side and was talking and smiling and looking at me straight in the eyes. We exchanged phone numbers; but he never called.

So again I took the initiative and sent him a message, just asking how he was doing and he text me back then gave me a missed call then text me again and said that he liked my ringtone yet when we met face to face after that he was so nervous as if he did something wrong but he kept on looking and smiling as usual and being friendly (saying hi and walking me and my sister and her son to the car...)

The thing is that he wants to talk to me as he always sits by my side when he sees me but he doesn't say anything more than the usual hi and how are you doing. My sister once asked him in front of me about a ring he was wearing on his left hand and answered that it was a gift from his sister and said that he was not engaged in any kind of relationship and looked at me as if i were the one who asked the question.

Well yesterday he came and talked to me then he asked me if i read the announcement about the holiday they are going to take next week but I really dunno why he asked me that question!!!! He sent me a message yesterday wishing me a nice holiday and when I called him he was sooooooo happy with my call. i dunno he seems to be very interested in me but i really need to make him ask me out and I don't wanna be the first one to ask him out. please, i want to know your opinion about it, do you think he really likes me? will he ask me out? why doesn't he call or text unless i do it first? i'm just sooooo confused!help!!!

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (30 November 2009):

I am really shy myself and sometimes i just don't know how to start a conversation with a girl. it sounds like he likes you but you are really goin have to ask him out, if hes shy like me he'll wait a long time before he asks you out. dont get too confused shy guys dont usaully ask a girl out

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A female reader, CandyCurves United Kingdom +, writes (30 November 2009):

CandyCurves agony auntMaybe he just wants to take things slow and eventually he will ask you out. Like you said hes a shy and serious guy: I dont think them type of boys like to jump into relationships.

But if a boy REALLY likes you,HE WILL AK YOU OUT! Theres no doubt in that, so just be patience.I hope this was helpful.

Best of Luck!

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