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Sister In law has caused problem with our rent

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Question - (13 September 2023) 0 Answers - (Newest, )
A female United States age , *ashful3 writes:

Hello: My husbands oldest sister who s his power of attorney he is disabled she has went and not paid our rent and owes money to the housing authority we got a letter on Monday I called her left a message.

She called yesterday morning and I told her about it well here she goes am I accusing her of not paying the rent I said no I did not say that yes you are way you are talking tone in your voice I m mad and upset this is the way I talk I had to hang up gave her the lady s number what I wont to know is how to tell my husband.

His disability makes him slow and he is scared of her and believes everything she says is right I am beyond stressed and worried trying to reach our landlord the darn voicemail is on the phone looking for places I cannot sit here and not do nothing way sister in law is.

I lost my Section 8 voucher but reapplied on waiting list I got to get head of household back so I got to hope I can find something on my daughters income because I cannot trust that woman again.replies ASAP

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