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Should I be ok with him going away with his mates? Title (e.g.

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Question - (11 June 2024) 0 Answers - (Newest, )
A female United Kingdom age 51-59, anonymous writes:

I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years, leaving aside that at my age I feel ridiculous referring to him as my boyfriend, he came home from work yesterday and announced that he intends to go away somewhere for the weekend with his friends in September/October time as one of them is turning 50.

A bit of background; when we first started dating he was flirting with and went on a date with a work colleague, I found out by accident.

Then in the first 4 or so years together he made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t ‘do’ marriage. He also had very little interest in having sex. These things made me feel unwanted but I powered through.

I told him that him i felt his self pleasuring to porn, rather than having sex was making me unhappy.

Regardless, this behaviour continued despite many arguments and tears from me.

I have compromised on giving up on marriage because he doesn’t want to be just his girlfriend til the end.

Prior to our relationship he told me he went on lad’s holidays where strip clubs and a session with a hooker took place.

Now back to the present. I told him I don’t trust him enough to go away bearing in mind all the above information. He said I am being unfair and unreasonable.

It feels like I am the only one compromising in this relationship. Thoughts ?

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