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My parents didn't know I was dating and now I'm 2 months pregnant and don't know how to tell them!

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Question - (22 July 2010) 4 Answers - (Newest, 23 July 2010)
A female United States age 30-35, *assandra writes:

Okay.! Im 15 and pregnant.! I dnt know how to tell my parents.! My bf and i have been together for 2 months.! but my parents dnt know.! we have been seeying each other without no one knowing.! but i guess that now im have to tell my parents.! me and my bf are scared of what they are going to say.! i am 2 months.! wat should i do.!?

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A female reader, leogirl18 Canada +, writes (23 July 2010):

An easy way to tell them is to book your first ultrasound and get a picture of the ultrsound. First tell them you have had a boyfriend for the past 2 months and then show them the picture. It may be easier then saying it out loud to them.

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A female reader, becca emma louise United Kingdom +, writes (22 July 2010):

i got pregnant when i was thirteen and it was the school who ended up telling my mum, believe me it sounds so much better coming from you!! :) good luck hunni xx

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A female reader, johannabanana United States +, writes (22 July 2010):

johannabanana agony auntI would advise you not to tell your parents who the father of the child is.. Llike "soon567" said they may try and charge him for staatory rape (when your have sex under the age of concent 16-18 depending on the state.) I would just sit down with them and say mom, dad I made a mistake and I'm pregnant. Also don't forget adoption is an option and there are alot of couples that would take care of your baby and make sure it has a good life.

I hope everything works out, update about what happens!

Good luck!

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A female reader, AngelleMarie United States +, writes (22 July 2010):

My sister got pregnant last year... and she was fifteen. when my sister told my mom, my mom went a little crazy, as any mother probably would. But after a while (and not too long of a while) she got over it. Now we have a beautiful little boy who is extremely spoiled!

You, of course, need to tell your parents.. they wont be happy.. but they love you, and in time they will become okay with the situation, even get excited..

Youre going to have to explain to them that youve had a boyfriend for two months first before announcing that youre pregnant.

Congradulations and good luck!

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