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Mixed signals from a gay crush

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Question - (11 September 2022) 0 Answers - (Newest, )
A male United Kingdom age 30-35, *ako1991 writes:


Iv had this crush on someone online for some time and we have spoken the odd time on different dating apps.

He messaged me but always takes ages to respond. Now that’s fine as not everyone is on these apps all the time however I notice that he signs in often and doesn’t reply.

So after 2 weeks from one of my messages, he replies to me saying sorry for the delay and asked if I wanted to go for a drink some time as he wasn’t good at replying on the app. I said yes and gave when I was free and asked when he was free. He hasn’t responded since and this is almost a week now. So why ask if I want to go for a drink and then not reply? Im not the sort to keep messaging him for a response because I believe if he was interested then he would have replied much sooner.

Its frustrating as I have had a crush on him for ages. Iv never met him in person but maybe this is a sign that he is bad news? Not sure how to deal with this and would be grateful for any advice. I got so excited when he messaged first but now I just feel crap about it.

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