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Is he just being freindly or does he want something more ?

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Question - (31 July 2006) 1 Answers - (Newest, 1 August 2006)
A female , anonymous writes:

How do i know if a guy like me or not.? Recently I've moved back home after being away for six years, I'm staying with my family until my place is ready. So I'm around the house alot and see old family friend nearly everyday. But awhile back I notice him, my dads best friend, he'd call round, we'd talking and just kidding around.

I meet him on the street and he always asking how I'm getting on now I've moved back. It's just that it doesn't seems like it friendly anymore, there is definitely flirting on both sides, even some of my friends have commented on it. I'm not sure what to do, he is really a great guy and I know I would be luckly if he was interested in me, but I don't know what to do. If there is something there alot of people would get hurt and I don't want that to happen but what I feel I'm not sure I can ignore.

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A female reader, Bev Conolly Australia +, writes (1 August 2006):

Bev Conolly agony auntWell, if you're not sure that the flirting is serious, and if the repercussions of doing anything would be difficult, you do nothing. Continue to be friendly, and don't flirt back.

Besides, nothing in your letter says "Wow, I sure am attracted!". You don't sound that bowled over by him, so is this even an issue?

Be flattered. Enjoy. Do nothing.

There's no rule that says you have to respond if someone flirts with you, so don't.

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