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Help me with these feelings of guilt over my rebound boyfriend.

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Question - (1 December 2008) 1 Answers - (Newest, 1 December 2008)
A female United Kingdom age 41-50, anonymous writes:

Please help me deal with these feelings of hurt, doubt, guilt, anxiety.

I told my rebound relationship today that I have just realised we are moving to quickly and I think we should put the breaks on because I have just realised I am not over my ex. My ex broke up with me 8 months ago and has just recently contacted me to make amends. I had forgotten about him and learned to live with the hurt and rejection. I met my recent boyfriend only 2 weeks after splitting up with my ex and we went full force to the point he even moved in with me. I feel so stupid that I allowed things to go this far and feel very very upset about the whole thing, especially to drag someone else into this.

I truly believe that I could have been happy with my rebound relationship, but broke it off as it is not fair to still have feelings for my ex.

Now I feel rock bottom and hard to face anything or anyone, I honestly feel like curling up and burying my head in the sand.

Please can someone help me move onwards and upwards.

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A female reader, Butterflyfly United Kingdom +, writes (1 December 2008):

Butterflyfly agony auntLooks like you need to be on your own for alitle while to learn what you really want. Going from a relaitonship to the next, no matter how well intende or genuine you have been, gave you no time to reflect truly on why your ex is/or isnt's not good for you, as probably the new guy filled in all that being needed and wanted space. Maybe you should 'hide' from both for a little while. You might realise your ex is not what you want anymore.

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