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He broke up with me saying I was always mean to him

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Question - (11 May 2009) 1 Answers - (Newest, 11 May 2009)
A female United States age 26-29, *anick writes:

we've been dating for like 7 months and he's saying that the reason why he broke up wit me is because we always argue and im always mean to him... it hurts becuss he said that even though we broke up he will always love meeh but that is so hard to believe each time i tried to talk to him about how we can start all over again he gets mad and each time i cry in front of him he gets mad and wants to leave... he told meeh to give him a month to think about so i did until my cousin told me that he was saw this one hott ass girl at six flags and he went up to her but then he saw her hickies so he was all like nevermind..and he went to the bar with his uncle and hella girls was all up on hurts me a lot when i gave it to him and i cant imagining giving it to other guys ...i dont know how my life is gunna be

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A female reader, jessica04 United States +, writes (11 May 2009):

jessica04 agony auntHow old is he if he's going to a bar with his uncle?

Look, he sounds like he is stringing you along if he's asking you to wait around a month.

Honestly, you are young, and have so many other options in front of you. I would leave him in your past, and find someone else for your future. Don't let him waste your time. things are clearly not working out. If the ship is sinking, then get off while you still can! This relationship has run it's course, and it's time for you to move onto someone better.

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