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Drunk friend texted me

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Question - (23 September 2022) 0 Answers - (Newest, )
A male United States age 36-40, *olidus writes:

So the other night my best friend of almost a decade was drunk and started sending me some pretty racy texts, including a picture of her boobs and vagina. I'm 37 and she's 28.

Out of the blue she just said im going to send you my boobs then after she did said, "I wish you would lick my nipples I feel like we could make this work we could travel the world and make money." I said wow, idk what to say. She replied "That's why I'm trying to get you to come see me if you did you'd like it I fuck real good and I ride real good. I love the idea of being young and you being like a slightly older it turns me on it makes my pussy wet"

I responded are you teasing me or being real right now? And she responded, "It's not a tease this is my real deal thoughts. I would love for you Fuck me right. We've just been friends for so long I haven't push this. I could show you." She then continued to tell me how wet she always is and that she wished I would try to fuck her. Said if I fucked her just once she could make me forget about my ex."

I told her that I adored her, but that I hoped she felt the same tomorrow when she was sober.

The next day she texted me, "Man. Like on some level I've always thought about it. But not now. I'm so sorry I feel horrible. But I am legit going through it so bad that's why I'm even drinking the way I am. I'm sorry. Like I don't do shit like this. So I am sorry"

I asked her what was going on, she then proceeded to say,"Ya well my nana has the big c and she's not quite herself cus of the fall and I'm not hanging so well" I told her that I'm here if she needed to talk.

Later on she called me and told me that she told her ex current bf what happened and that he wasn't happy about it. I say ex current bf because he broke up with her months ago and ever since his dad died unexpectedly a few weeks ago he's needed emotional support, shes been helping him and his fam, and he's been trying to get her back. She went on to say if he's ever out of the picture she'd give us a try.

Now I've always subconsciously had a crush on her but kept it to myself because like she's said we've been friends so long it's hard to cross that boundary.

Yesterday she texted me, "Hey hey. I'm really struggling rn. Like mental health wise. I am going to kind of take a step back from everything. I need to go ghost for a bit but I wanted to at least let you know so you don't think I died." I told her that I understand and to hit me up whenever she felt better.

Since those texts she's all I can think about like it's the 3rd act of "when Harry met Sally" I never imagined she and I was even a possibility, now all I see are possibilities. I mean if you're lucky enough to ever have your best friend become your girlfriend what could be better?

I think the best thing I can do is to give her some space to deal and try to go back to our status quo. What do you guys think?

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