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Can we make it until the end?

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Question - (30 November 2008) 0 Answers - (Newest, )
A male India age 30-35, anonymous writes:

I am a third year college student studying in singapore. I been in love with this girl back home in india for about 2 years now. We got into the relationship knowing its going to be like this for quite a while (6 years totally, 3 years of education and 3 years of bond).

- i have a feeling i am more invested in this relationship than her. i could be wrong. i definitely miss her more and i miss her all the time, especially recently. she feels bad for me and she keeps asking me to find something to keep myself busy.

- when we're all happy and talking about our future, we talk about getting married, and having kids and all other stuff.

- when we're having little fights, she keeps telling me that this is going to be so hard to carry on for 5 years and its going to be very hard for her. but she has never hinted of a break-up.

- i am too sweet for my own good. (thats what she says) today, she said she would come online to talk to me in 20 minutes. i wait online and she doesnt come so i give her a call like 40 minutes later, she says she is sorry and that she will come online in 5 minutes. another 20 minutes later, she comes online and tells me she thinks i need to show her some ego and that i should have left becuase she didnt come at the specified time. and that i am making her feel guilty and bad becuase i stayed online when i should have been studying for the exam that i have tomorrow. all this makes me think.

- she tells me she loves me more than anything in this world. and that she would not fall in love with no other man. its either me or her work if we ever breakup. i do trust her. i have never doubted her love for me.

- i'm going back home in 4 days for about a month. we have so much planned. she plans to spend all her time with me for one whole month. i know she will do that.

- all the problems come in when i leave india and come back to singapore. we have a few problem.

- a little background on both of us. me- a little nerdy, total introvert, reserved non-party types. her- total extrovert, not nerdy, party types, damn good looking, sweetest girl i have ever known.

- as you already know, i am totally in love with her. i love her more than anything in this world. and i mean every word of that. i know she loves me a lot too. inspite of the little disagreements and fights, we have a good long distance relationship, at least until recently.

- ive started thinking about out future so much. i dont know if we can make it. considering we're so contrasting. we console each other by telling ourselves, "only opposites attract"

now that you know my story, do you think i can make it to the end. because, if i really cant make it, then i shouldnt get any more into it. im only going to end up hurting both of would be sad if both of us were ignorant of any blatant problems in our love life that we'd just overlooked. if you ask me, i think we can.

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