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Any role playing ideas?

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Question - (15 December 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 31 January 2009)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, *ooty24 writes:


Me and my bf love sex and we're really into role play like naughty maid and school girl etc.

Does anyone have any other ideas we could try?

We are gonna try a drama one where we walk into the room in dfferent roles and act out a wild love affair or something LOL but if anyone has any ideas of stuff they've tried then it'd be great to hear them.



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A male reader, escobar United States +, writes (31 January 2009):

This one works well if you can do an accent...Ill have my wife walk into the bedroom and ill pounce on her....forcing her against the wall facing away from me and stripping off her clothes. Then blind fold her and bound her hands behind her back. then announce that you are the king of some exotic land and the she has been sent by a neighboring kingdom as a gift to keep you from invading....As you grope and feel her body you explain that you can do whatever you want and you can have her however you like because you are the king and its your world. That is the basic idea ....I usually like to have oral with me standing and her still bound and blindfolded...very intense....undo the hands but leave the blindfold then i lay her down and massage her down and then go from there......lots of fun and there are many variations on it

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A female reader, sooty24 United Kingdom +, writes (15 December 2008):

sooty24 is verified as being by the original poster of the question

sooty24 agony auntHaha that sounds awesome! Will try all your ideas!

Thank you so much! :P


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A female reader, Too Sensitive United States +, writes (15 December 2008):

Though I haven't tried it for many years... would like to again! Burglar and are sleeping in the bedroom (or on the couch, wherever)...he startles you by breaking into the confront him, but he is bigger and stronger than you, so he overtakes you physically...fight back, but just enough so you don't hurt him, but you can feel the power of his strength as he subdues you...his hand is big enough to hold both your wrists together at the same time over your head, or behind your back, and against the wall, or down on the floor, or on a tabletop...and he ends up getting his way with you, against your's terribly erotic and hot...continue struggling and trying to get away from him, even once he's done fondling your body and is inside you...periodically stopping the struggle b/c you are getting tired of struggling...but always resuming again...finally you stop struggling altogether, b/c you have no choice but to give in to him, as he has overpowered you...have fun!

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A female reader, taina1980 United States +, writes (15 December 2008):

Let's see there's cops & robbers... my personal favorite which is president clinton & monica lewinski... nurse & patient... correctional officer & can also act out scenes from movies like that movie 300 I like to do that one... you can play 2 porn stars I can go on & on...

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A female reader, survivor1987 United States +, writes (15 December 2008):

what about playing doctor and patient? that would be cute?

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