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*kna travz agony aunt

*kna travz

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Im 22yrs old......single mother of a 4 yr old boy.....I got pregnant @ 17, a senior in high school....graduated 6mnths pregnant.....and im a happy n proud mother....

I waz separated frm ma partner various times.....because f continuos cheatings.....I think I decerve something better for me and specially for my son....

im a very friendly to dance.......and im very here for help and to give advise on what I have experienced....

Would you consider this cheating?

Q.   Hi people, this morning I was walking down the hall of my school with my friends and then I meet up with my best friend. We were walking down the hall and we go past my boyfriend and all my friends say that they saw him hug and kiss a different ...

A.   27 March 2009: No, Talk to him...maybe is just a friend......... (read in full...)

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