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The perfect partner that does one thing you cannot forgive....has anyone else experienced this?

Q.   Does anybody ever think someone would of been perfect for you if they just hadn't done that one thing you can't forgive? I wanted to marry my ex-boyfriend but he damaged my pride and made me feel unattractive. He didn't do it on purpose, buf it cuts ...

A.   30 June 2012: He used pornography, i'm thinking he did it without me knowing. He didn't feel disloyal I have no idea why. He wanted carry on using it, damaging my pride.... (read in full...)

My boyfriend accuses me of cheating every day!

Q.   My boyfriend accusses me of cheating everday,ive never and wld never cheat but really he is ruining what we have. I love him but im tired of defending myself it is making me physically sick! What do i do?...

A.   29 June 2012: Why would he think you're cheating, I'd investigate to see if he's cheating. ... (read in full...)

Why is it that when I fall for a girl, I get irrational, paranoid, insecure, jealous and sometimes controlling?

Q.   I think i need some serious help whats wrong with me? I ask this question because it seems that, EVERY TIME i fall for a girl, i become paranoid, insecure, jealous and sometimes controlling, but sometimes i also get VERY DISTANT and quiet, and i...

A.   29 June 2012: I could be wrong but have you had many relationships? What were your parents like together? These paranoid thoughts may have stemmed from something in your past life or you have low self esteem. You obviously feel bad about yourself you thi... (read in full...)

Is my girlfriend just crazy?

Q.   why is she mad at me? ok a few months ago i saw an old friend while i was out to eat with my girlfriend and simply added her on facebook. she had a fit and started screaming at me. i have never done anything with this girl at all. not even date. ...

A.   29 June 2012: You added a girl on facebook you never did anything with, wow I wish I was your girlfriend right now that is extremely tiny compared to the problems us other people have. She obviously did all that because she resents the fact you added a girl on ... (read in full...)

Why do guys get mad when we girls have sex with other men?

Q.   why do guys gets upset if we sleep with other men , even though we aren't in dating period. My guy friend get paranoid if by mistake or any chance I sleep with another guy . We both love each other a lot but we have no future together....

A.   29 June 2012: No one likes a man going by their woman they can be very jealous.... (read in full...)

How do I find a boyfriend who doesn't use porn?

Q.   Hi everyone, I am deadset on finding a boyfriend who doesn't use porn when in a relationship, my problem is how will I know? In what way could i find this information out? If i tell them i dont like it they will hide it from me or tell me they don't ...

A.   29 June 2012: I wouldn't mind a guy who has tried it. I understand SINGLE men doing it. I want a guy who thinks its wrong in a relationship or prefers to fantasize about me instead. I could stretch to a guy using it and thinking of me at the same time. ... (read in full...)

How did you fight the addiction to porn?

Q.   I have battled addiction to internet porn sites for about 12 years now. It was a while before I realized how much it has messed up my life. Get help. Do not make the same mistake I made, okay? I wasted a bunch of time on those sites, time I will ...

A.   29 June 2012: copy and paste that link, but seriously get it sorted, if you get a woman they probably won't like you using porn in a relationship.... (read in full...)

How do I find a boyfriend who doesn't use porn?

Q.   Hi everyone, I am deadset on finding a boyfriend who doesn't use porn when in a relationship, my problem is how will I know? In what way could i find this information out? If i tell them i dont like it they will hide it from me or tell me they don't ...

A.   28 June 2012: I'll have to find someone who can use their imagination or something. ... (read in full...)

How do I find a boyfriend who doesn't use porn?

Q.   Hi everyone, I am deadset on finding a boyfriend who doesn't use porn when in a relationship, my problem is how will I know? In what way could i find this information out? If i tell them i dont like it they will hide it from me or tell me they don't ...

A.   28 June 2012: Another boyfriend even told me he prefers to fantasize about ME That's what I wanted, that's how it should be, read this it's my story I think he's bullshitting. "B/f uses porn with girls that look like me and thinks of me?"... (read in full...)

How do I find a boyfriend who doesn't use porn?

Q.   Hi everyone, I am deadset on finding a boyfriend who doesn't use porn when in a relationship, my problem is how will I know? In what way could i find this information out? If i tell them i dont like it they will hide it from me or tell me they don't ...

A.   28 June 2012: Noo I don't mind if they have used it but I don't want them using it in a relationship with me.... (read in full...)

Guys: When you ask for a girl's phone number, are you looking for a friend? Or more?

Q.   Guys: When you approach a girl for her number and introduce yourself as being interested in making friends with her, are you guys purely pursuing this relationship as a platonic one or do you usually have something more in mind? And do you get ...

A.   28 June 2012: Hi I am a girl and no man has ever approached me or my friends for my number to just be friends. ... (read in full...)

We've been dating 6 years and have never had sex

Q.   i am a 24 years old virgin going out with a guy for over six years now,though we do kiss nd do some other thing,but not to have sex,but sometimes i feel pity for him just because of his patience with me.what should i do,cos i dont want to have sex ...

A.   28 June 2012: A red blooded man must be relieving his sexual urges somehow. Most blokes can't hold back their urges to have sex unless they are getting it from other places; porn, prostitutes, cheating etc... not saying this is the case. He must be a christian or ... (read in full...)

He cheated throughout our relationship, what do I do?

Q.   I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 1 year, i guess u could say a bit longer than that but we spent a few months getting to know each other 1st. Through out the course of the year, i suspected he was up to no good, he called me ...

A.   28 June 2012: He was cheating on you and her. She had an illness and he cheated on her, what a jerk. I've been where you are, love messes with your mind. The main thing to think about here is he may cheat on you with someone else, he is capable of it. I've seen ... (read in full...)

Can I trust him? He clicked like on her profile!

Q.   This is probably going to be the silliest question I've ever asked and I'm a bit embarrassed asking advice on this but the other day my boyfriend " liked " a girls picture on Facebook. He says it was his friend but since then it's made me very ...

A.   27 June 2012: What was the picture like, was it a silly picture? Perhaps the picture had a meaning that he understood and found funny or something.... (read in full...)

He's been talking with women on webcam when he promised he wouldn't do that anymore!

Q.   So, i've had this problem of my boyfriend looking at naked women on webcams. He promised me that he wouldn't do it again because it made me feel so hurt and not good enough for him. Well, i know i shouldn't have but i snooped through his computer ...

A.   25 June 2012: There's 3 problems here; He's been looking at naked women He broke his promise He's actually spoke to them You have the right to be upset, do not let anyone say you're insecure, he shouldn't of done this to you.... (read in full...)

I've had anxiety as we had a threesome and his condom fell off!

Q.   hi. my girl and i recently had our first threesome with another guy , and the rule for the other guy was to wear a condom. well, while he was in the middle of things, his condom came off. now, im ok with the fact that we did the threesome, but not ...

A.   25 June 2012: You're not touching where his penis was her vagina washes itself out.... (read in full...)

If I leave him alone for a couple of weeks, will he realise he loves me and come back? Or are his feelings truly gone?

Q.   So, my boyfriend and I split just over 2 weeks ago after a 7 month relationship. We were very in love but it ended due to a very bad fight. After the split, he and I have had small contact every day leading to today except one. We had a conversation ...

A.   22 June 2012: Don't talk to him, just let him go if he comes back he's yours.... (read in full...)

My boyfriend cant get hard, even after 2 years! What can I do?

Q.   So, my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and we're still not having sex but we do fool around the problem is my boyfriend can not get hard when we're fooling around. I've gone down on him and given him a hand job and he'll even try to ...

A.   22 June 2012: He might be a porn addict, my boyfriend has trouble getting hard from real activity :(... (read in full...)

My boyfriend had an open box of condoms, and they had different expiry dates

Q.   yesterday i went to my boyfriend of 3 years house. we were kissing in bed and he pulled out a open box of condom 3 pack.i was skeptic, as in why would that be open if its brand new? hes always suspicious of me having condoms at my house even if i ...

A.   21 June 2012: I haven't had a three pack in years I rarely check the expiry date they are mainly new. He might of had a posh w*nk (masturbated with a condom on) I'm a bit confused where would the other 2 from the pack that expires in 2016 be? He must of ha... (read in full...)

I want to watch my boyfriend have sex with another woman in front of me, is this wrong?

Q.   Is there anything wrong with the fact I want to see my boyfriend have sex with another women in front of me. I want a 3 sum but don't want to part take in it so much i rather look on and see him at work . I love his sex and I just want to see him at ...

A.   21 June 2012: I'm attracted to that idea too. It's a man wanting to watch his wife with another man. ... (read in full...)

Irrational fear of my boyfriend masturbating

Q.   Over 2 years ago I was sexually assaulted. A few months later I met my current boyfriend. After maybe 6 months of us being together, I found that he had looked at porn. I dont know what happened in my brain but I totally lost it and honestly it ...

A.   21 June 2012: Are you sure it isn't just the porn alone that you don't like?... (read in full...)

Why do I feel hurt that he thinks it's normal to go to a strip club/pole dancing at a stag party?

Q.   The subject of my fiancee going to a stag weekend where there they go to a strip club/pole dancing came up (we're together a year). He said he wouldn't think of going twice and what was the big deal. I was shocked at his reaction. He was then ...

A.   19 June 2012: I don't think it's acceptable in a relationship, going to strippers when you're single is a bit dodgy aswell unless it's some kind of peer pressure thing.... (read in full...)

Does he actually want to see me again?

Q.   Hi, im nearly 17 and single. The other night i went to a festival with my friend and we met her boyfriend there and one of his friends he had brought along. After about an hour of being with them, his friend told him that he liked me. Later on we ...

A.   19 June 2012: I'm not sure, perhaps he wasn't after anything more.... (read in full...)

Should we break up?

Q.   I have been dating this guy for 5 months, and we are in a committed relationship. I have always believed in him and trusted him, But, my trust in him is disintegrating. He asked me a question through text, whether I have thought about bre...

A.   19 June 2012: And afterwards, he asked me whether I had even thought of ditching him for a better-looking one. I said no, and for him he said he did felt like once. that is just odd why woud someone say that?... (read in full...)

How many men out there are NOT into pornography and find it degrading?

Q.   Hello Dear Cupid, I've been in a relationship nearly 4 years - 3 of which my bf used online porn most days, even perusing it while I was asleep naked a metre away from him, even though I was always happy and curious to explore our sex life. We fough...

A.   19 June 2012: I only know of one boyfriend I had who had porn on his computer but didn't use it. I had another boyfriend who didn't seem that bothered but he didn't have a computer and wasn't that sexual. I don't know about the degrading thing. I believe ... (read in full...)

Is his low sex drive because he's no longer attracted to me or because I put off sex sometimes?

Q.   I have issues with my boyfriend of 7 months. When we first met he was meant to be a one night stand and the sex was amazing. I'd never had any one like him before. He'd took me out on a date that evening, and he made me laugh and I liked him, but I ...

A.   19 June 2012: This might be a long shot but is he looking at porn? Not being interested in sex would suggest that, I'm not saying he is just a suggestion.... (read in full...)

Is this considered cheating? Help!

Q.   Hi, Need help. Is this considered cheating? My fiance and I are 3 months away from the BIG day. I'm 29 and he's 38. Never married and no kids. We're having a coed bechalor/bechalorette party in Las Vegas. We're best friends so we figured i...

A.   19 June 2012: I have known of situations before where men have said it's okay for them but not their wife/girlfriend. It is cheating, it's physical contact but this is coming from someone who doesn't allow porn in their relationships so everybody is different. ... (read in full...)

Husband masturbates to porn so much that he can't have sex with me

Q.   my husband prefers watching porn to watching me.he doesnt bath with me anymore and spends the whole day downloading porn videos and the whole night watching and masturbating.he cant keep his erection anymore and each time after sex(thats when he ...

A.   17 June 2012: Blaming you is cruel and horrible, I know what you mean when you say you feel like cheating but it's a totally different thing to someone masturbating to porn - I felt like you but cheating with a real person is way worse. He has become addicted... (read in full...)

My bf cheated on me, please help, I feel sick, nauseous and ill!

Q.   Dear all, I guess I just want to share this with you and get your views. I checked my BF's of over a year and a halfs emails a couple of nights ago and he had emailed a girl saying hi babes, and then went on to say that she must remember him as he ...

A.   15 June 2012: I've been cheated on it's horrible but it's not your fault, not everybody will cheat on you, I wouldn't of known if I hadn't been told. ... (read in full...)

Our marriage has hit a rough patch and his way of dealing with it is masturbating to pictures of naked girls. My feelings don't matter. Help?

Q.   My husband and I have been married for 14 years and for the second time we have hit a rough patch. When this happens he becomes glued to naked pictures of girls online. He even goes so far as to masterbate to them. We have recently talked and are ...

A.   13 June 2012: Most of my boyfriends have not understood my hurt about their porn use, and tried to get their own way, for some reason they don't think they are doing anything wrong. ... (read in full...)

Does watching lesbian pornography make me gay?

Q.   Hi, I'm straight and have always been with men. However, i just realized that i like to watch lesbian porn and i like to look at pictures of naked women on the internet. I just find women beautiful. I wouldnt never be interested in looking at naked ...

A.   13 June 2012: No, heterosexual porn is boring. You're straight don't worry.... (read in full...)

I'm having a hard time with my bf watching porn!

Q.   Hi! Before you reply with "get over it, he's a guy" just hear me out! I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and half. he's 20 i'm turning 19 in a few days. When we first started dating I was absolutely fine with him watching porn, we'd ...

A.   13 June 2012: It seems the porn has zapped his lust for real women away. I don't know if it's similar but my story is under "He said porn was better than me, now he finishes too quickly with me!" ... (read in full...)

How is porn any more real than picture of ME?

Q.   I let my bf take naked pictures of me, in hopes that he would stop looking at porn. Not only did he continue looking at porn, but he doesn't even use the pictures of me. He said he doesn't think that the pictures of me are "real" enough, or that I'm ...

A.   12 June 2012: At least your bf accepted the pics of you mine made up some bullshit to get out of having them.... (read in full...)

Too uncomfortable with my body to show it to my b/f

Q.   Ok here's the deal I want to have sex with my boyfriend but I'm not sure I can do it cuz I'm not comfortable with my body and I'm scared that when he sees it he'll be disgusted so whats some ways to get more comfortable with my body ? ...

A.   11 June 2012: Ignore the fashion mags and beauty mags they are all lies and airbrushed. You look like most girls.... (read in full...)

Do you just know when you have found the one?

Q.   Hello, I think this is a question for people who have been in long term relationships that have lasted. How do you know when they are the one, or is their such a thing as the one or just someone special you having feelings for. i believe that t...

A.   8 June 2012: When you imagine your marriage to them. I've only ever considered marrying one bloke seriously. I thought about myself walking down the aisle, I even know the church where I wanted it, but I'm afraid our love has turned sour.... (read in full...)

I finally managed to get out of an unhappy relationship, so why am I missing him so much? Should I call him?

Q.   Yesterday, I broke up with my boyfriend. After 2.5 years I just had enough. He never kissed, hugged me, asked about my day. He never made an effort to talk to me. I had fallen out of love. I admit for the first 2 years I did everything he asked ...

A.   7 June 2012: Hi hun, all these feelings are natural and part of being human. I know it hurts, but at the end of the hurt and pain you will think what was I bothered about that for? You deserve better every girl deserves to be treated like a princess. I got over ... (read in full...)

Torn between nice guy Bob and bad boy jIM!

Q.   This is quite a long and complicated story but please read and try to help me out here: There's this guy- let's call him Bob. He is in my science class and I've been crushing on him all semester. But alas, he is popular, gorgeous and I am...not...

A.   7 June 2012: Bob obviously!... (read in full...)

I just don't feel good enough for her.

Q.   I need help..I love my girlfriend so much..and..I just want the best for her..but lately she's been adding people on a social website that she doesn't even know..and it's scaring me....I tried to talk to her about it but she just said I was being ...

A.   7 June 2012: Sorry about this, when you say adding people is this men or women? She might be doing to look popular it could be any reason. Yeah try and talk to her.... (read in full...)

He cheated, and lied about it; I need advice!

Q.   So last year my partner cheated so let me just start from there. Last April we were having difficultys in our relationship and we grew distant although we remained intimate and had sex things seemed off with us. Following that we had a night out he ...

A.   7 June 2012: Sorry but once a cheater always a cheater, you gave him so he did it again.... (read in full...)

Does he know the pain I go through when I know he's looking at porn?

Q.   Hi, Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year now and we have always had sex reguarly, its never been the same there was also something to spice it up everytime. But recently within the past few months maybe he would reject hav...

A.   7 June 2012: Hi I believe that men do these kind of things again and again because they believe they are not doing anything wrong in their minds. My boyfriend came up with every excuse possible. They are not in the room with me, it's just a set of pixels etc ... (read in full...)

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