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I bled for 11 days after having sex, is this normal?

Q.   I'm sorta worried now! I always said I wanted to save my virginity until I was older, mature and in love.. I've been in a relationship with this amazing guy now for just over a year, and we both felt ready, we'd spoke about it for about 6 weeks, I ...

A.   9 March 2009: When I first went on the pill I had spotting and bleeding every day for the first couple of weeks, could it be that? I think you need to check with your GP though. There is no need to be embarrassed they deal with personal things all the time and ... (read in full...)

Should I just wait until he texts me and if he doesn't don't bother?

Q.   I have a problem. Please bear with me as this is really long. Sorry in advance. :-( There is this guy that keeps calling me and asking me to date him. He seemed nice at first and was really interested in what I was doing and reaching for in ...

A.   7 March 2009: He sounds awful! Do not see him again. He seems like he has no respect for you whatsoever and is likely to be the type of guy who would be extremly controlling in a relationship or even violent... (read in full...)

I keep dreaming I'm sleeping with Present Bush!

Q.   This isn't exactly a relationship question, but I'm in desperate need of help here! This is going to sound really weird and borderline gross, but please bear with me. I am a young, female, Liberal Democrat of nineteen (voted for Obama and suppor...

A.   7 March 2009: It's just a dream don't worry. I have sex dreams about all sorts of weird people. Thankfully not Bush though! It doesn't mean anything and you probably keep dreaming it because it's on your mind.... (read in full...)

Torn between Joe and Bob!

Q.   So there is this guy, I'll call him Bob, he is um bigger... Bob is really sweet and funny, I like him as a friend, I've only hung out with him once (been on vacation the rest of the time, met bob before I left) anyways, I've never been a shallow ...

A.   6 March 2009: I don't think you should go for either of them. You don't fancy Bob and Joe doesn't want a relationship with you. Find someone that you like that wants to be with you. ... (read in full...)

My b/f suggested a FMF threesome because I miss touching a girl but I'm sure this would make me jealous, so what should I do?

Q.   Hi. I'm in a great relationship with a guy that I'm completely in love with. we really don't have any problems with our relationship except we both get jealous. That has never really been a problem though, since we both are pretty jealous, we both ...

A.   3 March 2009: Don’t do it! You can already see the problems it will cause. Try and spice up your sex life with your boyfriend by trying new things with him and only him. Since you are both so jealous I can’t imagine how introducing a third party would do any good ... (read in full...)

He doesn't get it! I don't feel the same way!

Q.   So I met someone online (in an online game), we had talked for almost a month as friends and then we decided to just hang out. Come to find out, he left his girlfriend of 5 years, whom he was living with, for me. I was not happy to hear that, we ...

A.   25 February 2009: Sleeping with someone who you don’t want to be with who has strong enough feelings for you to end a 5 year relationship was a bad move but you know that right? I suggest telling him one more time firmly not to contact you. If he persists block him ... (read in full...)

Prego? Or too much sex caused damage?

Q.   The weekend before last I stayed at my boyfriends house over night, and because this rarely happens we slept together 10 times over the period. 3 times with protection, 7 times without. We also had unprotected sex the weekend before. My period was ...

A.   25 February 2009: You have had unprotected sex multiple times and now your period is late. Take a pregnancy test immediately. If you are pregnant the sooner you know about it the better. As for the pain, it could be period pain if you’re not pregnant and your periods ... (read in full...)

For anyone who has forgiven a cheating partner, how did you do it? How long did it take you?

Q.   How do I forgive my boyfriend for cheating on me? How do I get the images of the two of them out of my head? A short background: My boyfriend broke up with me last March and slept with a girl that night. We got back together a day or two later...

A.   24 February 2009: Sorry if I've misunderstood but didn't you say you and your boyfriend had split up that day? If so then he didn't cheat since you weren't together at the time. It was very soon after the break up but maybe it was just his way of dealing with the ... (read in full...)

One of my breasts is itchy for weeks now, what could this be?

Q.   My boob itches. But only on one side. It's been weeks now.. What are the possible reasons? By the way, I'm 16....

A.   23 February 2009: Mine do this from time to time and did a lot more when they were growing. If the itch feels kind of internal then it’s probably due to hormones – perhaps they are growing. Of the itch feels like it’s on the skin then perhaps it is an allergy to ... (read in full...)

He is very upset and unsure if he should marry a 'loose woman' (because of her past).

Q.   OK, I don't have a problem, but I have a friend who is having some serious thoughts about his fiancee. I intend on getting as much advice from this site as I can, then either print out the answers, or log on (not at work) and have him read all your ...

A.   20 February 2009: I think your friend needs to grow up to be honest. What she did or didn’t do before she met him is none of his business. He needs to get some more respect for her – I’d be so angry if any partner of mine referred to me as a loose woman to his ... (read in full...)

What should I do if my hubby bought his lover a valentine present and nothing for me?

Q.   What would you do if you found out your husband having an affair and brought his lover a valentine present and nothing for you. He says he still wants his marriage to work and his affair meant nothing he just enjoyed the thrill the thought of him n...

A.   19 February 2009: To be honest it hardly matters about the Valentine’s present. I think it’s more important to worry about the fact that he cheated. You need to ask yourself a few questions: Can you truely forgive him? Will you every trust him again? Would you ... (read in full...)

I am always getting sweat patches under my arms when I go out!

Q.   This question is a weird one... i am always getting sweat patches under my arms when i go out etc and i totally hate them. they make me so paranoid and feel uncomfortable. It doesnt smell at all - infact it smells of my deodarant but i just cant ...

A.   19 February 2009: I use Mitchum anti-perspirant which is the only thing that seems to stop me sweating... (read in full...)

Is it possible to have an operation to restore your virginity???

Q.   I am married and divorced but my family has arranged for second marriage. He wants my virginity back, he said it is possible you can go operate, it is possible?...

A.   19 February 2009: You can have an operation to have your hymen replaced but you won't be a virgin. You will stiall have had sex. If your fiance knows that you have been married before then surely he must realise that you aren't a virgin. I think you should tell him ... (read in full...)

Advice on cheating?

Q.   Okay, a little complicated. There is this girl who I became really close with about 2 years ago and we thought about dating but decided it would never work and just over time became best friends. Completely platonic. About 7 months ago I star...

A.   19 February 2009: I don’t think you should tell her. Unfortunately it is human nature to cheat and no one’s perfect. Telling her would hurt her and ruin your relationship. You cheated so you should be the one to deal with the guilt. She shouldn’t have to suffer ... (read in full...)

Is it wrong to date someone who I'm very attracted to but with whom I can't see a future together?

Q.   I've recently started dating / going out with a girl (31 yrs old) who I'm very attracted to, and who I get the impression is also really attracted to me (I'm a 28 yrs old guy). Which is great. The trouble is, we both have ideas about our long-ter...

A.   12 February 2009: Since you haven't discussed it with her how do you know she wants children? Are you just assuming because she's a female in her 30s. You may change your mind about you want and she may change her mind about what she wants so if I were you I'd go ... (read in full...)

Does the size a woman's boobs matter to men?

Q.   I am worried... I have small boobs and that the guy I like won't find me attractive becasue of it, does the size a woman's boobs matter to men? Is there anything I can do to make me feel more attractive in front of my guy and is there anything I ...

A.   12 February 2009: Most guys are just grateful to be allowed near a pair of boobs! If a guy likes you he likes you and that's it. Try not to worry. ... (read in full...)

I hate my B-cups and I need to know how to make them bigger!

Q.   ok im 15 and ive been in a B cup since the 5th grade and im a small B i hate the way they look Especially without a push up bra i mean my 10 year old sister is bigger than me {go ahead and laugh cause that is funny} my boyfriend trys to make me ...

A.   12 February 2009: I was an A cup till I was 16, I was a D by the time I was 18 and now I'm an E sp they might still be growing. Size has nothing to do with sensitivity. I just varies from woman to woman. ... (read in full...)

My married lover says its ok for me to go out with other guys

Q.   i!ve been in a long distance relationships to a married man.we always keep in touch,but one day he told me that he has nothing to promise me about our relationships he said all those things to make our relationship clear,bec.he said he loves woman,i ...

A.   11 February 2009: He’s saying you can go with other guys to relieve his own conscience about the fact he is stringing you along and is with other women. It’s up to you whether or not you continue the relationship but wouldn’t you rather be with someone who loves you ... (read in full...)

LDR & I feel like my b/f ignores me!

Q.   Me and my bf have a long distance r/ship and I honestly feel like ending it. I constantly feel like I'm not good enough for him, that maybe he doesnt feel the same way for me and maybe hes interesting in someone else. Since its a logn distance r/...

A.   11 February 2009: Well I am terrible at getting back to people’s texts and emails. I tend to read them and if I don’t reply straight away because I am at work or busy I sometimes forget. This doesn’t mean anything, I do it to my boyfriend all the time and he ... (read in full...)

I get to a certain point and then its painful! Help!

Q.   when i masturbate (clit) and i feel the massive build up it feels good up to that point then i start to feel like its sorta painful or sore and i have to stop ! can anyone suggest a reason ?or advice ? cause i want to cum for my b/f but i just cant ...

A.   11 February 2009: Firstly you shouldn’t feel like you have to cum for your boyfriend, you should want to come for you! Try using lube to make things a bit smoother. And maybe go and get yourself checked out by a doctor just to be on the safe side. You can see a ... (read in full...)

Why is he giving me the cold shoulder?

Q.   At a new year party I met a great guy. We were both drunk and ended up spending the whole night kissing and talking, we had so much in common and I really fell for him. We text a bit after that and last week I went to a party at his house. He ...

A.   10 February 2009: If he saw you kissing another guy it might be because of that. To be honest, if he’s rude enough to invite you to his house and then ignore you then I think you can do a lot better. He might use the fact that you kissed this guy as an excuse but if ... (read in full...)

Am I gay or not? I really need an answer.

Q.   I am 14 years old and I wanted to ask a question as I think I could be gay because I get on when I think of a mans penis. I was thinking about it for a one and a half years. But I don't get on when I think of women, I get a nice feelings but not an ...

A.   10 February 2009: A lot of straight guys have crushes on men as they go through puberty. At your age you can’t be sure. However, if you are gay there isn’t anything you can do about it. Unfortunately you will just have to live with it. Do you have feelings or crushes ... (read in full...)

Would you ask the guy to get circumsized? Would you pay for it?

Q.   Girls you really like this guy you have gone out with for a couple of mouths, he decided he wants to have sex with you and he is not circumcsied,would you ask him if he would go and get cut because you only like men cut and if he does would you pay ...

A.   9 February 2009: What? How would you feel if they guy said he didn’t like the way that your vagina looks and asked you to have surgery on it? I for one wouldn’t like it! ... (read in full...)

What I'm wondering is what are my chances of being pregnant?

Q.   Basically last Saturday I slept with a guy. I really cannot remember anything of what happened but i do know we slept together 3 times that night. I have no clue also but i think it was definately unprotected sex, i do not really know the guy and so ...

A.   9 February 2009: As it was so soon after your period came on the chances are that you are not pregnant. You won't be able to take a test until your next period is due as any pregnancy won't shpw up. You can have an IUD fitted up to 5 days after unprotected sex, is ... (read in full...)

Should I worry about being circumcized?

Q.   im an 18 year old guy from Australia, i was wondering if i could have some uplifting advice on being i am. i worry about what a girl will think if i am..should i worry if i am circumcised or not?? ..and my mates always crack jokes ...

A.   9 February 2009: As a female I couldn’t care less whether or not a guy is circumcised so don’t worry about what girls might think.... (read in full...)

He likes me but he doesn't love me

Q.   My boyfriend is a wonderful man who I have been seeing for 10 months now. I know it's not that long but I have really fallen for him but he doesn't love me. I have known him for almost 2 years and we started out as friends. I started to feel ...

A.   20 January 2009: Turns out I was worrying about nothing. A month or so later he told me he loved me he just wanted to be sure he meant it since he’s never said it to another girl before and he wanted to be honest with me. So I'm happy now :-) ... (read in full...)

Unprotected sex for just a minute-could I be pregnant?

Q.   Hi everyone. I'm just a bit worried.. Last night me and my boyfriend had sex, and we were both drunk. At one point the condom split, but we replaced it with another one. And a bit later on, we had sex without protection - only for about a minute, ...

A.   22 December 2008: You are unlikely to be pregnant but it is possible. Espcially if he didn't wash his penis after ejaculating the first time before having sex the second time. You can take a pregnancy test as soon as your period is due. Until then you can't kn... (read in full...)

Stop fiance from masturbating!

Q.   How can i get my fiance to stop masturbating because it affects our sex life. Either he can't finish which makes me feel horrible or he has no desire because he has already satisfied himself. We have talked about it and I don't get mad or angry ...

A.   22 December 2008: Masturbation is perfectly normal! It doesn't stop you feeling sexual desire for your partner. I think your sex life issues are due to another reason. Perhaps he is so worried about whether or not he can finish (which, to be honest would not be h... (read in full...)

What did the x in the text mean?

Q.   hey right about a hour ago , i told this boy who i like, that i love him , but hes got a girl friend i texted him saying "im sorry but i have i bit of feeling for you xx" and he texted back saying "ok x " with a kiss did that mean any thin...

A.   17 December 2008: You really shouldn't read too much in to kisses at the end of text messages. Some people use them all the time some never do. He has a girlfriend so leave him well alone and find someone who is free to go out with you. ... (read in full...)

Why did he delete me from his Facebook?

Q.   hi i met this guy through a friend of mine at his birthday party. anyway we got on well etc and basically we added each other on facebook. weeks passed and then one day he spoke to me on facebook chat application and we were having a...

A.   17 December 2008: Maybe he got a girlfriend or something. Don't worry about it he isn't worth it. ... (read in full...)

Allowed to stay for a couple of hours then home by myself on the train while fiance stays!!!

Q.   Could you please help me! I am going to my fiance's works night out, but he's only allowing me to stay for a couple of hours! He said I have to get the train home myself while he stays at his friend's house. I think he has plasnned to meet up when ...

A.   17 December 2008: Do you have a good reason to think that he's meeting up with a girl? He may just fancy a night out with his colleagues on his own but expecting you to come and then get the train back on your own is a bit strange. Has he given you any reason t... (read in full...)

Have any of you heard from the poster, "Lolita Syndrome", do you think it was bogus???

Q.   Has Anyone heard from the poster of LOLITA SYNDROME? I'm concerned! I had hoped she'd get back to us. But now, I have to admit that I am wondering if it was a bogus question...I usually don't have a suspicious nature, but something is making m...

A.   13 December 2008: I saw that and something stuck me a fake about it too. But you never know so I think it's best to warn her in case it is real.... (read in full...)

I can't trust my girlfriend when she starts drinking!

Q.   last night my girlfriend went out drinking in NYC where we live with her best friend. i was out of town. believe it or not, in our 15 month relationship last night was the first time she's gone out to a bar without me. i was worried about wh...

A.   13 December 2008: I'm sorry but if you don't trust her you shouldn't be with her. I can see why you are hurt but it's not your place to dictate to her how she should behave. She shouldn't have invited those guys up to your apartment and I can see why you are upset ... (read in full...)

Best friend like me? Or trying to make my b/f jealous?

Q.   Hi everyone. My best friend is a guy we always flirt and we know each other inside out. But I think the only reason he flirts is to wind-up my bfs. You see I was in a relationship for 9-10 months . . . with his bro. This was when me and him were...

A.   13 December 2008: If it makes your boyfriend jealous then why do you join in with the flirting? ... (read in full...)

What are the signs of your period starting

Q.   Ok im 12 and ive not started my periods yet but like 2 of my friends have ok ive developed breasts and got pubic hair and stuff but ive not started my periods. My Mum keeps buying me pads and i get all embarresed Help PS-How do i know when it ...

A.   13 December 2008: 12 is still very young some girls don't start til they are 16 or even older. If you already have breasts and pubic hair it shouldn't be too long. ... (read in full...)

Why did he suddenly decide to wipe me out of his life?

Q.   I asked a question on here about a week ago about a FWB relationship that I was in. Everyone was very helpful, but things have now changed and I would really appreciate a blokes point of view. The guy in question is away a lot so only really saw ...

A.   13 December 2008: My guess is that he doesn't want to sleep with anymore and is too cowardly to tell you and since you were never his girlfriend he doesn't feel like he owes you an explanation, Perhaps he has met someone else. You should move on - he's not wor... (read in full...)

He likes me but he doesn't love me

Q.   My boyfriend is a wonderful man who I have been seeing for 10 months now. I know it's not that long but I have really fallen for him but he doesn't love me. I have known him for almost 2 years and we started out as friends. I started to feel ...

A.   13 December 2008: Hi Chippymunk Thanks for replying. I am willing to give him more time and certainly don't want to pressure him into saying anything that he doesn't want to. I am just wondering how much more time to give him. While he treats me well and I apprec... (read in full...)

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