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Yuck! I hate my body after having 2 kids in the last 2 years!

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Question - (10 April 2008) 7 Answers - (Newest, 4 June 2008)
A female United States age 36-40, anonymous writes:

I'm 26. I have had 2 babies in the last 2 years, and we do not want anymore. My stomach is really stretched out, the skin is loose and flabby. I have a "ledge" of loose skin that just hangs at the bottom of my stomach. I had really large babies and I got a lot of stretch marks. Also, my belly button used to be an "inny" but now it's got this purple thing sticking out and it looks awful.

My last baby was a month ago. Will my belly button return to normal? This is really making me feel bad about myself. I know it's not my fault. But I also know that even if I lost weight by working out that my stomach will still have the ledge of loose skin and have the stretchmarks and flabby skin. My friend lost 60 pounds after her pregnancy and she told me her stomach looks worse now because of all the loose skin. I want a tummy tuck and breast lift but I can't afford it.

My breasts are huge and they always have been. Due to gravity, they aren't perky at all. Does anyone have experience in this? Or any tips to help?

I am married and my husband generally doesn't like plastic surgery but I think that if I had the procedures done he would appreciate it, if not just for the physical appearance, then for my overall attitude and confidence increasing. Any advice would be appreciated.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (4 June 2008):

I know what this feel like...every time i look at my body i feel like crying...I'm 30 and i have four kids...I'm not over weight at all...but I'm left with this awfull saggy skin and breast...I have totally lost all confidence...and i can't even mention how i feel about it o my husband...cause he just gets annoyed..I go to the gym every week and i weight train I breast fed all four kids that how i lost the weight...but now i'm left with a body i jus don't recognise...Its even hard to find jeans ...actually clothes that will hid this ...because i keep having to tuck the from of my stomach into my jeans....(that lower piece of skin) every time i sit i need to pull the front of my jeans over it..which is very uncomfortable...and my breast...well that a whole different story...the skin is saggy and streached ...and one now seems bigger than the other...sigh...

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (25 April 2008):

Tummy tuck before and after pictures

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A female reader, Pasha Canada +, writes (10 April 2008):

Just remember, It took 9 months to gain all the weight for each baby.....It will take at least 9 months to lose it!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (10 April 2008):

I have only had one, 16 years ago, i am 36 now, and my body is ok, but not brill. If you have any magic tricks then tell me. But no plastic surgery, yuk, it might go wrong, then what would you look like.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (10 April 2008):

You have had two kids, i have had three. The best way is to wait until they are a bit older and get out there and join some fitness classes. I lost mine through dancing to my favourite music for at least half hour per day. Forget the plastic surgery, lovely, you only had a child one month ago, enjoy being a mum and get into shape later when your hormones have settled down. Eat sensibly, keep of the crap and plenty of water and fresh air and you will get there, i did and my will power is nil.

take care


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A female reader, Country Woman United Kingdom +, writes (10 April 2008):

Country Woman agony auntSweetheart, no I don't have the same experiences as you and I am a lot older than you but why are you putting so much pressure on yourself right now.

Look you are a new mum again for the second time and 1 month after your baby is born you are trying to be perfect again, don't rush this.

OK so you have made the decision that you have had enough children now but give yourself time to adjust again. A woman's body is according to medical information supposed to take 2 years to recover from pregnancy, you haven't had that since your first baby. You need to give yourself time to adjust again and to regain your figure and for your hormones to get back to normal this is not going to happen overnight, it could be a good 2 years before you are physically and mentally pre pregnancy body again.

Are you breastfeeding this time?

You need to get yourself into a routine and give yourself several months before you launch yourself into any physical activities. Swimming is a good all round exercise and a lateral thigh trainer you could get for home use is not expensive and according to a friend of mine who has a friend who is a personal trainer it is the best piece of equipment to get, 20 minutes a day can help you get back in shape but only when you have the energy and you are emotionally strong enough to do that.

Your friend who has so nicely told you about how her tummy is just isn't being a true friend right now. You are body conscious and I think surgery is pretty drastic until you have time to get over both of your pregnancies.

Perhaps talking to some other mums or talking to your doctor about how you feel about your body image may be useful. You could also be a bit postnatally depressed right now so don't make any rash decisions eh!

Just concentrate on your lovely children right now and making sure that mummy isn't losing sight of that eh!

We all get better about our body image given some time. Think about exercising when the time is right.

Here anytime as are all the others.

Take care.


Country Woman

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A female reader, raima Singapore +, writes (10 April 2008):

raima agony auntfirst of all congrates!!!!! you are mother of two sweet babies. second thing now its your time to think about your body. better after some time when you will recover than start to do something like ......body massage, little walking, dancing this is best way to loose your weight and dont eat so much fatty food and junk food.... better eat some neutrious diet and also consult any dietisian.

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