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Would he want to date me knowing that I've slept with his best friend?

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Question - (6 April 2010) 3 Answers - (Newest, 6 April 2010)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, *pendy writes:

omg...ive like my brothers best Friend for 4years now:( i think about him all the time. hes soo sweet, charming, caring and very sexy.

the way he looks at know sometime i think he feels the same way,. when we hug he squeeze me and holds me tight. i really really REALLY like him:( i dont know what to do.

when me him and my brother are together, i can feel like something is an attraction i dont know what it is. but i get butterflies and he doesn't talk much when am there.

and he always tries to impress me by looking nice and asking me what i think about him etc:

i just wana tell him:(

am worried cos i had a thing with one of brothers friend (all 3 of them are close). it was just sex and he was a bastard..he was soo aggressive and insisted on sex even when i said no..(i was young and stupid then)

so thats why i cant tell my brothers friend the way i feel..cos his friend's had me:(

but i wish i could cos i thought it was a crush and it'd go away but is been 4years now and every time he comes around (which is ALOT) i wont stop thinking about:(

what should I do??

him and my brother love eachother very much (best friends) always together.


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A female reader, advice angel United Kingdom +, writes (6 April 2010):

advice angel agony auntyou should not feel guilty that you slept with his bestfriend,as you said you where young and stupid,we all have those moments in life.

the way you've described this man,he seems to have strong feelings for you too,maybe you should try telling him what you think of him,when your brothers not there...if there always together try contating him via computer or mobile.

you need to get these feelings out of just your system and into both of your systems,good luck x

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A female reader, Blair_1989 United Kingdom +, writes (6 April 2010):

hi, it sounds to me like you really like this guy, and he really likes you, maybe he is to shy to say so him self.

it sounds like the other guy was a real bastard and had no feelings for you and you had non to him so i doubt there would be bad blood there after all this time,

i belive it would be best for your piece of mind if you ask him how he is feeling otherwise you may find he gets board and waiting and move on to some one who wont make him happy, this has happand to me and it hurts like hell,

if you really belive there is something there then just let it out you and him alone just mention it suttley and see what happns if worse comes to worse you could still be friends!

I hope this helps a little, B xo

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (6 April 2010):

If the 3 of them are close friends theres a good chance your brothers friend knows anyway. Start a conversation with him about the boy you dated for awhile. Ask him if the other guy ever talked about you. He may tell you he already knows. And for the record. Your brothers friend that did that to you was way out of line. He isnt a real friend of your brothers or he would never have treated you like that. Thats awful. I imagine you never told your brother or anyone else but you should have done sweety. That wasnt right at all x

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