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Women only, penis question! Would you be ok with 3 inches?

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Question - (12 September 2008) 7 Answers - (Newest, 4 June 2015)
A male United States age 30-35, anonymous writes:

this is a short and simple question, can a 3 inch penis give a girl a gspot orgasm? and has anyone had sex wit a penis so small? how does it feel?

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A female reader, ANDI IKE United States +, writes (4 June 2015):

I have intense orgasms when a finger or a smaller penis (which is Perfect) hits, what they call, the peanut. It is in my vagina not far in at all and up towards my belly amd is a little bump shaped like a peanut. I LOVE having sex with mem below average size. To big and they miss it. No vaginal orgasm for me. :( Im a hot 47 yr old with experience. If a woman knows her body, you my friend, are a Perfect Man!! 3

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A female reader, VampyricHybrid United States +, writes (6 February 2009):

VampyricHybrid agony auntMy ex was 3'1/2 Inches. I never had an orgasm, he couldn't hit my g-spot. But you don't neccessarily have to please her with your penis. My ex always finished me off with his fingers. It never bothered me.

-Good Luck.

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A female reader, lexilou United Kingdom +, writes (12 September 2008):

lexilou agony auntI have had two small men. One was about 3 inches erect and to be honest the first time I thought - oh is that it then. But I loved him and found that if I went on top I could get more pleasure and deeper penetration, and yes I orgasmed, also giving him head was soooooooooo easy!! The break up had nothing to do with his size.

The other guy's penis had not developed properly (his words not mine) and was about 2 inches long and looked like a lollipop, very skinny with a little ball on top, im sorry to say I tried it once and even though he was a lovely guy I knew I would stray as he just couldnt satisfy me and as harsh as it sounds sex was more important to me than him at that time of my life. However if you meet the right girl its not all about the size, if you can satisfy her its irrelevant. xx

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A female reader, sappygirl United States +, writes (12 September 2008):

sappygirl agony auntSex is a learned skill. It takes practice to get better and better.

Don't be too focus on the size and more on how you work it.

if you make a women feel great, she could care less about the size.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (12 September 2008):

Dear Poster

I have posted this answer a few days ago to a question very similar to yours. I have copied it for you; hope it will be of assistance to you.

I recently read and article done by Jonti Searll(a sensualist); I do believe he is explaining it very well; I am posting the article and do hope it will answer your question and curiosity; I do believe that there are lots of guys reading the postings who might also benefit from this article in order to eliminate there fears and insecurities regarding the size of there penis.

" One of men’s greatest fears about their penises is that they’re not big enough. For some men it doesn’t matter how big it is, it will never be big enough. The truth is that for most men size is more an ego issue than anything else.

It’s vital to be aware of the fact that sex is not only about penetration, there is so much more to enjoy and explore. We are all ‘whole-body’ beings. The deepest and most satisfying experiences include all of ourselves, not just our genitals.

There has been such a focus in the media on orgasms that we take that to be the goal of sex. But it’s not a goal-directed act. Sex and sensuality are about love, pleasure, exploring, excitement. Orgasms are great, but there’s more!

It’s also important to note that very few women actually have orgasms through sheer penetration.

Techniques that focus on oral stimulation, genital massage, expanded orgasm etc can bring enormous satisfaction, deep pleasure and orgasms.

One of the most amazing sensations is to be found in rubbing the head of your penis, lots of lubricant, on her clitoris. It feels totally different to a finger or tongue.

Different positions will also allow for different internal sensations. Rear-penetration such as ‘doggy’, woman on top, woman on her back, legs over her shoulders will give some very cool sensations, almost REGARDLESS OF THE SIZE OF A PENIS.

I do hope this was of a assistance to you.

Best wishes and lots of SMILES

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (12 September 2008):

Just remember this - It's not the size of the waves, it's the motion of the ocean - get it?!

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A female reader, Serenity1 United States +, writes (12 September 2008):

Serenity1 agony auntits possible, but the guy has to know what they are doing. I mean he has to have experience pleasing a girl. It's really not how big the penis is...what matters is if the guy knows how to work it. hope this helps

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