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Will these stretch marks go away?

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Question - (24 April 2007) 4 Answers - (Newest, 26 April 2007)
A female United States age 36-40, *likenight writes:

I had a baby 11 days ago. I got bad stretch marks and my stomach sags now. Will these stretch marks go away? Does the loose skin ever go back to normal? If you're going to tell me to work out...suggest ways in which I should work out. Thanks.

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A female reader, Pork Hock Canada +, writes (26 April 2007):

Hi lots of vaseline so much so that your pyjamas or nightie sticks to you...rub it everywhere in the places that you are concerned about. You will be quite a bit swollen for sometime given you've just had your baby. I used to go to a mum and baby group where you used the baby as your weight. I bought one of those baby carriers you strap onto your front and do squats. I bought one of those kids steps that toddlers use to reach the sink, some small weights to hold in my hands (I think they were 5 lbs each) and used to just put on my music and do steps like what you do in a step class. I used to do lots of pelvic thrusts, lying on the floor and lifting your pelvis. But join a Mum and baby group it is fun and you will see the progress, but give yourself a bit of a break. The swelling will go down. Lots of walking too helps. my baby group was called gymboree here is the website: hope that helps.

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A male reader, kenny United Kingdom +, writes (25 April 2007):

kenny agony auntI have found that this product called Bio oil is great for stretch marks and scaring. Superdrug do it, or look it up on Ebay.

Goo dluck

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A female reader, mcbirdie United Kingdom +, writes (25 April 2007):

mcbirdie agony auntThe loose skin will go back to normal if you just do light tonal exercises as you feel comfortable (follow your doctor's recommendations, because I am sure you need to avoid exercise for a bit longer yet). It is very important that you not overdo it, because stretch marks actually come about from stretching the underlayer of skin--you can continue to do more damage to yourself if you over exert.

Stretch marks themselves, though, don't go away. There are fade creams on the market which will help them to heal faster, but once you got them, you got them. They will lighten, though--you will hardly even notice them depending on your skin tone. I have very pale skin and you have to get very very close to me to tell that I have stretch marks (no babies for me--I just developed too fast. There are all sorts of exciting reasons to get stretch marks--just ask the gym-crazy men who get them on their biceps).

Treat yourself gently and try not to be so hard on yourself. Very few people notice the flaws on us that we think are so obvious, and you have a beautiful baby to make up for a few imperfections in your skin.

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A female reader, accused United States +, writes (25 April 2007):

accused agony auntHmmmm.... Welcome to MotherHood! I can tell you to keep coco butter lotion on your strech marks at all times but I can't say that they will ever go away.... They do lighten over time... and besides that its only been 11days.... give yourself enough time to heal.... Best of luck....

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