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Why would my boyfriend want to have a threesome with another guy? Is he bisexual?

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Question - (8 September 2008) 7 Answers - (Newest, 5 February 2009)
A female , anonymous writes:

my boyfriend of 3 years wants me to do a 3 some with him, but not with a girl, with a guy!

when we werent' serious we had a threesome with my bestfriend he didnt have sex with her but yeah, we did. and now he's saying he wants me to have sex with another guy. is it because he's bisexual? he doesn't come off gay AT ALL!!

his excuse is he wants to see me with another guy cos it would turn him on? does any other guys have this and please explain why, i don't see why he would want to see his own gf with another guy unless he's testing me to see if i would do it with another guy.

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A male reader, tomstall Australia +, writes (5 February 2009):

I am a guy and I can answer you question. No, your boyfriend probalby isn't gay or bisexual. If you google it, it is a common fantasy of many men.

It's actaully one of my fantasies, probably a result of watching too much porn. I somehow get really turned on by the thought of my gf having sex with me and another guy at the same time. It would have to be a stranger, so I wouldn't get jealous, but it really turns me on thinking about it.

Theres just something preverse and slutty about it, that gets me going. Of course I woulud never ever do it, because I love her and the risks of STD's. But if I had the opportunity to do it with a random hook-up, or be that extra guy, I tottaly would.

I would my rather have a 2 guy threesome than a 2 girl threesome, as long as there's no guy-guy contact. Its just somethign about watching another man pleasure my girl you know.

It's normal enough, but maybe he's not smart enough to keep his fantasies to himself. Or he feels so confident in your strong relationship that he think you may be open to it.

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A male reader, jerking4ever United States +, writes (19 January 2009):

jerking4ever agony auntMy big brother wanted a threesome too, except with another guy, he told me he wanted a threesome with another guy to add pleasure to his wife. maybe that's the reason. O_O

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A male reader, tonyfromnewyork United States +, writes (9 September 2008):

Hi There,

I myself question why anyone would want to see their girlfriend/wife with another guy. Recently I engaged in a situation myself where a guy wanted to watch his wife have sex with me. I was quite wierded out and becuase I was in mexico thought I was going to get killed and chopped up into little peices, but in the end.... it was just their fantasy I was playing a part in.

He did nothing, just sat in the background watching me have sex with his wife. The story I tell deviates a bit from the question your asking, my point is to show that some men are not gay, but do enjoy watching thier partner with another man. I myself---- can not understand at all how people can be so free with someone they love.

If your not into it.... its not worth getting into.



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A male reader, scofy Philippines +, writes (8 September 2008):

scofy agony auntMaybe he's testing you or maybe it's his fantasy. Fantasy or not please don't do it, if you really love him. It will surely ruin your relationship.


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A male reader, Danielepew Mexico +, writes (8 September 2008):

Danielepew agony auntAlso, if the idea of this threesome bothers you, say you don't want it. Period.

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A male reader, Danielepew Mexico +, writes (8 September 2008):

Danielepew agony auntI honestly can't tell whether your boyfriend is bisexual or not. However, I think many of us straights wouldn't want to be in a sexual setting with another naked man.

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A female reader, miss know it all United Kingdom +, writes (8 September 2008):

not necessarily, some men like to see his girl with another man as it can really turn him on and other men like to see there girl with another woman for the same reason or they could just be curious as theymight not have done it before and want to try and spice things up in the bedroom but don't go ahead with it if you don't gree with it just take some time to think about it because it could affect your reltionship in the long run

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