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Why won't my feelings diminish for a LDR girl? Was it the crazy compatible sex I can't get over?

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Question - (10 September 2018) 2 Answers - (Newest, 18 September 2018)
A male United Kingdom age 36-40, anonymous writes:

Has anyone experienced something like this? I was with a girl for 2 months around one year ago. It was exciting, intense, then she left to China. I am in UK. I thought the feelings would die down but they didn't. She still talks and occasionally shows some feelings but she has dated others and even has a guy in mind for marriage now. She would like to see me again, but somehow we didn't manage it again yet. One year later after hearing she dated quite a few guys, I suddenly feel more intense feelings and it's quite painful. I have also had girlfriends bit I none made me feel like she did. Why won't my feeling for this long distant girl disappear? I know it's useless but even if we could send a week together and be close again I would be happier. Is this mostly the affecct of such compatible amazing sex? I really like this girl also though, Is this normal after one year? I feel like I'm a bit pathetic and crazy.

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A female reader, Katbug Canada +, writes (18 September 2018):

Katbug agony auntYeah, she is stringing you along, but more likly; or youre letting yourself get raptured by the thought of her. She doesnt want only you it sounds like she is just trying to enjoy her youth with sex with multiple men. It wasn't compatible sex. She is probably just good as sex now in her life. The man she is thinking about marriage is probably just as of a free spirit as her too. Don't let sex be the reason why you follow a girl for 3 years.

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A female reader, janniepeg Canada + , writes (12 September 2018):

janniepeg agony auntIt's the fact that she is still in contact with you, combined with you wanting what you can't have. Things are intense when they are unpredictable and sparse. She didn't tell you about her marriage prospects because you are oh so friendly with each other and she can tell you everything. She wanted to see if she could stir up jealousy in you. When she gets bored with her husband she would certainly keep in touch with you, telling she misses you. A lot of people fall in the traps of long distance because there is no promise of commitment and you take each meeting for what it's worth and try to have the best time. In real life when you meet your lover on a day to day basis, all the romantic idealisation would be diminished.

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