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Where do you draw the line with a drug addict?

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Question - (4 August 2009) 1 Answers - (Newest, 5 August 2009)
A female age 51-59, anonymous writes:

My son is a drugaddict, We tried to help him several times, but he is always back, where he started.

We, love him so much, he was a great kid, but nw he is 25 , and drugabuse ruins his life ,so ours.

We tried and tried , rehab, living together with him,councelling etc. But , nothing helped to keep him out . He was usually doing well, for a while, but went back..

So it is ver very hard on out family, I put too much effort trying to save him ,and let the other children do their things on their own. But he is the neediest. So what can help on a drugaddict , when you tried everything, and where is the limit? Where do you draw the line?

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A female reader, Felisha Marie United States +, writes (5 August 2009):

Felisha Marie agony auntI understand that this is a very hard thing to do, watch your son fall to pieces and still throw a line out to him. I also know what you're going through. Growing up my father was a 24/7 alcoholic. Didn't have a life at all. He was drunk all the time. And my Mother left me to go on a drug run. They seemed to always coose their addiction over our family. One thing I learned the hard way, they dont have guilt when they have the need for the drug. They HAVE to want to change themselves, none of us can make them do it. One thing you can do is take the hand that holds the feed away from him. It'll be hard but you have to be strong, hold your head up and stick to your morals. When he see's that he cant even 'use' you anymore, he may then realize how much he needs his family more than the drug.

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