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What should i expect for my first sexual experience?

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Question - (26 May 2006) 5 Answers - (Newest, 16 December 2006)
A female , anonymous writes:

I am 16 and my boyfriend is 19... we have been together for nearly two years and i really think he is "the one!" He's always there when i need him, no matter what time of day/night.

When i met him i was 14, and totally not ready for sex. He understood how i felt and he hasn't pressured me into anything i was not ready for, truth be told we don't need sex to stay together. I feel now though that i am ready, but i still have questions... what should i expect my first time? what are some positions to try? how should i get it innitiated? and anything else you can add would be great!! 8]

Thank You...

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (16 December 2006):

You sound ready. What to expect. The next day you may feel a bit sore and dazd and may need to see your boyfriend a lot for reassurance or need space. But it is nice and it does strengthan the connection.

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A female reader, uonlyliveonce United Kingdom +, writes (27 May 2006):

uonlyliveonce agony aunti was the same as you when i was 16 and was scared wether itwas gunna hurt and everything but like you id been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 year and felt i could do anything with him.

my first time didnt hurt at all i went on top first this might help coz ure in control of everything and can take your own time with it. i didnt feel any pain at all but like they say everyone is differant just dont be scared and dont worry about it relax and everything will be fine.

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A female reader, Scrummy bum! +, writes (26 May 2006):

Scrummy bum! agony auntdont listen to red robin. they dont have a clue. you are the only on who knows if your ready or not. as you have been with your bf along time you will be comfortable to see what ever feels best for you. know one can tell you what to expect as everyone is different.but i can tell you its going to be uncomfortable at first and maybe its even gonna hurt but it will get better, i have total respect for you and your bf for waiting, well done and just enjoy yourself. jx

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A female reader, Wendyg United Kingdom +, writes (26 May 2006):

Wendyg agony auntThe key thing is not to have any expectations.

If you love each other, which it sounds as though you do, it will all come naturally. The first time isnt really all that anyway, but you can grow and learn from it.

Make sure you are both comfortable, maybe plan an evening together or an afternoon, so that you can both be unrushed, just start to kiss caress each other and gradually touch each other, you will start to feel turned on so you will know its right to carry on if you want to. take your time, make sure you are lubricated enough, as the first time may be sore, and ask your man to enter you slowly and take it from there, do want comes naturally. Dont worry if you do feel sore, or bleed a little (you may not) its normal, it will fade and will be okay, just ask your man to be a little more gentle so you feel comfortable.

Dont leap before you have walked, just see how you feel at the time, maybe to start lie on your back and him on top "missionary" and see what evolves, you dont need to fill your head with positions or being the best, it will come in time. Just take your time, and do what feels good for you both at the time.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (26 May 2006):

hi there! sex is a major step and should only be considered when BOTH people are 100% sure that they want to take that step.if u feel u are ready the best thing to do is talk 2 your b/f and arrange a time/place when u2 are both alone together.start by being intimate cuddling, kissing and the rest will come naturally! usually a girls first time isnt THAT great- it can hurt abit and if her hymen is intact you may bleed a little- but nothing to worry about!!for first time sex the missionary position is best- simple and effective. the guy on top!some guys fall asleep straight afterwards!others want to cuddle or talk! be warned that for alot of boys having sex with someone that they havent before can me anxious!most guys either cum to quickly or take forever- alot of encouragement may be needed!!if any (embaraasing) sounds escape just laugh them off- but it is normal!remeber to use contraception- u dont want a std or a baby!!!most of all just let it flow naturally and enjoy the experience!! good luck!

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