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What sex positions are there were the girl does the work?

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Question - (28 August 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 30 August 2008)
A female Canada age 26-29, anonymous writes:


I was wondering if there are any other postitions (other than girl on top) that requires the girl to do work, or even variations of girl on top other than reverse cowgirl, something new?

I do like missionary and doggy style and whatnot but I don't want to be a "starfish" the entire time. And I would like to change it up from just regular girl on top


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A male reader, FETSEA Malaysia +, writes (30 August 2008):

Many ways. When the typical missionary is reversed, the female partner keeps sex in motion. The cowboy position and straddled with knees bent and leaning forward enables good breast tease from his palms. In this position, she can induce maximum clitoral stimulation, as she rides.Then, of course you could turn away, and try the squat and sqeeze as you ride, or kneel and bend forward with your palms on his shin as you ride. In the doggy position, you can slide forwrds and backwards(deep into him). Try sitting on his laps on a steady chair, and the table giving the leverage to ride. This enables good squeeze, as you ride and satisfy him, while you get good clitoral stimulation and orgasms.

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A female reader, aphexinfinite United Kingdom +, writes (29 August 2008):

aphexinfinite agony aunthi their here is a website i think you mite find useful it tells you about positions and how to carry them out and what others think of them too.. hope it helps aphexy xx

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A male reader, BoyWonder2006 United Kingdom +, writes (29 August 2008):

try on top but her faceing away from you .

put a search in on google for Sex Positions i just did and i found loads of website talking about positions from anal - her on top - you on top. so dont be shy take a look

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