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What is the best position for first time sex??

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Question - (3 February 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 17 March 2008)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Me and my boyfriend are ready to start having full sex. What is the best position for first intercourse?

I know my boyfriend will be gentle but i was thinking a pillow underneath to raise my buttocks and legs as far apart as possible might ease penetration.Also what does it feel like with a penis moving inside me?

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (17 March 2008):

That is a very good position for your first time. He will have easy access to your vagina and will be able to see where he is going. It also allows for deep penetration and is comfortable for both of you.

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A female reader, sexy_mexxi United States +, writes (26 February 2008):

sexy_mexxi agony auntwell i did have missionary for my first time i would only recomend it if hes not a virgin theres no gaurenteed position were it wont hurt it all depends on how tight u are and if ur a virgin so take it easy.

but have fun.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (3 February 2008):

As a girl who experience missionary as her first time...I personally don't recommend it unless the guy you are with is not a virgin and knows pretty well what he is doing. I reccoment you both laying on your side, you facing away so he is looking over your shoulder, his chest against your back. Have him slightly lower than you so he enters you from behind very slowly. This will give him easier access to your vagina.

Yes, you may bleed (I didn't), it will probably hurt (it did for me), but it's a natural pain.

After you get the first time over-with, then you can move on to the missionary, facing each other on your sides, doggy-style, etc. Remember to go easy your first few times!

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A female reader, -NothingLasts4ever- United Kingdom +, writes (3 February 2008):

-NothingLasts4ever- agony auntFrom my experience, I'd say the best position for first time sex is just the normal position with him on top and you lie on your back.

It doesn't hurt too much, and it olny hurts for a small amount of time. If you haven't been fingered then it might be an idea to have that done first so it won't cause too much pain for you.

You can't really explain what it feels like. You might not get very far the first time. If it's the first time for both of you then it won't last very long because boys cum quickly the first time they have sex.


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A reader, anonymous, writes (3 February 2008):

I think the easiest and most natural position for first time sex is definitely missionary or reverse missionary. If he'll be gently, and you want to feel relaxed, missionary. If you'd rather be able to go at your own pace and take control, reverse missionary. Don't know what these look like? Wikipedia it.

And a penis moving inside you? Well, it's pretty hard to describe. It probably won't make you orgasm, as it doesn't effect the clitoris much, but it will feel good. However, if you're not 'wet' down there, or aren't using a lubrication, the first few strokes could be a bit painful. So quite a bit of foreplay before hand would probably help a lot, as it gets you stimulated 'down there' and will make his strokes glide rather than grate.

Durex do a condom that has added lubrication, and me and my long term boyfriend love this, it just makes everything feel easier. Don't worry - it really shouldn't hurt.

Message me if you have other questions, or just fancy a chat about it :] I'm here for you, good luck :]

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