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What is the average size for a Mexican's penis?

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Question - (5 March 2009) 4 Answers - (Newest, 5 March 2009)
A male United States age 26-29, anonymous writes:

ummm i was wondering what the average penis size for a mexican was? because my hubby is a mexican. it isnt big but not to small.

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A male reader, Mr Me United States +, writes (5 March 2009):

Mr Me agony auntHere's a good statistic for you:

Most women can't handle more than 4-6 inches anyway. Once a man reaches that point they are hitting a portion in your body where you get hurt because they are hitting your cervix... so if he's beyond 4", be happy!

If he's not beyond that, is he making you happy with what he's got? If yes: BE HAPPY!!

Men worry about size because it's an ego thing: "I want to be bigger than him". But in reality it is nothing about the size of us... it's about US

That's right... It isn't about size and it is NOT EVEN ABOUT HOW WE USE IT!!! The biggest sex organ in a woman is her mind, so, in reality, the biggest turn on a woman can have about a man is how into him she is... not his size... not how he uses it... but how much she loves the dude...

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A male reader, DoubleM United States +, writes (5 March 2009):

DoubleM agony auntAlthough I have never cared or been much concerned about this supposed worldwide average regarding size, I think that it has been calculated more like 5-1/2" erect, and that perhaps leaves me very fortunate and a little proud if true. But why are you asking such a silly question?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (5 March 2009):

The average size for a Mexican's penis is five stories and 3 inches. Seriously, they're huge. Yes, you're right, ALL Mexican men get five stories and 3 inches eventually. It's just a matter of time.


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A female reader, SugarCookie United States +, writes (5 March 2009):

I am guessing that your gender is wrong because if you were a man you would know if you are average and if he is smaller. An average male penis is 6-8 inches.

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