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What if teachers had crushes on their students?

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Question - (10 July 2009) 4 Answers - (Newest, 10 July 2009)
A male United Kingdom age 22-25, anonymous writes:

Hello, all! I'm looking to hear from any teachers (female/male) out there or anyone....


I've noticed that there are countless posts on this website of students declaring their love for teachers.

What about if it was the other way round?

Teachers having crushes on their students?

Well do they? and why would they be attracted to their student?

And how would the pupil exactly know?

I wonder: do teachers pick up on these signals? Do teachers ever-- seriously, ever-- have even the tiniest crushes on students? It seems that no good can come from them, as they will alienate the teacher, but teachers have feelings too.

But do they ever feel these sort of feelings for students?

Perhaps if the student felt the same as well, will it work out for the both of them?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (10 July 2009):

Oh yes, it does happen. Teachers can develop “crushes” on their students. I have several friends who are teachers, long-time teachers. They could be the students’ parents and/or grandparents too! I believe these crushes are more of admiration, appreciation and affection than sexual. They would never cross the line.

Yes, teachers are human too and some of them might go astray and cross the line and act on it, and do something very inappropriate; as Mary Kay Letourneau did. Then there are these teachers; like my friends that believe that these amazing students might be “old souls”. According to them, these students are always well-behaved, great to be around and are wise beyond their years.

Therefore, I believe that teachers can have crushes on students, but they’d never be improper. If anything were to develop, I would hope that all the people in question would wait until everyone is an adult.

If you believe that a teacher may be flirting with you, they just might be; remember they are most likely doing it (hopefully!) in an innocent fun way. Just take it as a compliment and don’t think too much about it, unless they cross the line and begin touching you inappropriately. As you get older, you’ll find there are many people out there that are natural flirts and many of them are just that, flirts; they would never act on it!

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A female reader, betty_black United Kingdom +, writes (10 July 2009):

betty_black agony auntYeah well i believe they do, its hard for teachers. Sometimes theyre only a few years older than the students, and if they were outside of the school area, and these werent their students, im sure that something could easily occur. I actually know of one teacher that was at my secondary school that married one of his students, because shed just left it was fine and he was actually promoted, not arrested! But of course if anything does occur before the student has left school then yes the teacher can be arrested, be put on the sex offenders register etc. I know that it happens but its not something thats smiled upon. I doubt teachers will ever admit too it though. Not unless the students left and they see them outside school.

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A female reader, princessjasmine United States +, writes (10 July 2009):

I am a graduate student in the education field and have been teaching for a year now (I am 23) but look like I could be a highschool student. Yes, we are only 5-6 yrs older than you and we can easily be attracted to guys who look almost our age (you men mature so quickly) I got hit on by highschool boys and was only flattered! I have been attracted to a highschool boy but would suppress it to keep my job (looking back I realize I could've done a better job because it was so obvious on both of us and Im sure people picked up on it) I think the idea needs to get out of my head completely but they can be just so darn attractive sometimes! Can't help being human right? Teachers are still human, we have feelings, and we do find the opposite sex attractive. The key is we wont flat out say it or act upon it (we would lose our jobs if that was the case) Message me if you have any private q's!

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A female reader, kellyxxx United Kingdom +, writes (10 July 2009):

kellyxxx agony auntAs f anyone is going to admit to being a teacher and having a crush on a pupil! They could get fired from their job and it could be investigated and lead to being put on the sex offenders register!

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