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What happens between a stripper and a client during a lap dance?

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Question - (23 July 2011) 8 Answers - (Newest, 19 November 2011)
A female United States age , *ordergirl writes:

Can anyone tell me what happens between a stripper and her "client" during a lap dance? What happens in the VIP or champagne rooms? What is the difference in a lap, couch, table, or bed dance? How much does an evening at a strip club usually cost?

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A female reader, Miamine United Kingdom +, writes (19 November 2011):

Miamine agony auntIn the UK, touching in sex clubs is illegal. Every country has different rules. Any sexual contact and these clubs can get closed. They are supposed to have a no touching 3ft rule. But girls can make private arrangements, and often arrange to have full sex with clients outside the club. We had a good undercover investigation on the TV about this.. and yes, the woman went very close in the private room, (she tried to sit on the reporters face) but no touching (he said no) or oral sex (not offered), but sex outside was available by negotiations with the lady.

If it's a straight strip joint, then yes men can be tempted to spend a lot of money and they don't even have to touch the girls. The girls dancing gets wilder and they take of more clothes if they get paid enough.

It really depends on the guy. Some go just to watch the strip, some ignore the strippers and have beers with their friends, in some of our larger clubs, women are welcome to go there as well. Then they have the private rooms.. they are not supposed to touch them in there, but they get more sexy talk and no audience. But again, if a man and woman want to do sex for money, they can arrange things outside the club premises.

Do you trust your guy or not?.. is he into having sex for money or not.. that's the question you really need to ask yourself, because yes, even with the UK laws sex is possible. If your that curious, why don't you grab some girlfriends and go to the club without him.

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A female reader, DevastatedinNY United States +, writes (19 November 2011):

I never knew what happened at these places before. Its

Worse than any poor wife or gf prob.should ever know, unfortunately

I know now. my husband of 12 yrs went to a strip club, went in the vip

Had down and dirty actual sex for $200 then the girl gave him her # so

For the past 3 months he has been driving an hour from my house

Neglecting me and my 2 yr old, meeting this girl for sex in hotels, texting

Each other constantly, was having all out relationship and feelings for her!!!

Drove there to take her to all this time I never thought my husband would devastated

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A female reader, invegas United States +, writes (25 September 2011):

I would never again allow my man to go to a strip club...EVER!! Lap dances are just excuses to offer "extras" to your man. For a price, he can have a cum in pants grind, a BJ, a catch in mouth BJ, hand job, or sex. This was out on the open floor in a club in Vegas in August. Having been to strip clubs before, I never knew this existed....but since discovering what really happenes when money is exchanged, never let your husband or boyfriend go to a strip club....EVER!!!

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (1 August 2011):


I went twice to a strip club with my boyfriend. It truly hurt my feelings. It brings up insecurities just seeing the big grin on his face as he's looking at breasts/butts/hair/everything else.

The lap dance was short. Their songs tend to be rather short (perhaps a minute max). She stood in front of him and removed her clothing slowly, progressed to showing off her buttocks and sitting in his opened leg groin area. Then she straddled him and put her big breasts in his face. Sometimes they let me lick and suck their breasts (private rooms I hear). Anyway by then the song was over and he was very turned on.

I have no clue what happens in private rooms, but its not anything that would make me feel happy!

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A female reader, bordergirl United States +, writes (28 July 2011):

bordergirl is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Well, I asked for it and was given the answer point blank. I believe my husband was a "regular" at a strip club for a short amount of time. Not sure if he had a favorite, or just the flavor of the day, but he dropped a lot of cash in that short time. He denies anything happened, but I don't believe him and that is why I posted the question. Does anyone else have any other experiences to relate to me? I really appreciate hearing about what really happens in those places. I've asked and he won't take me there to "see for myself" what occurs during the LD and in VIP - think he is hiding something?

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (27 July 2011):

i'm a regular with this one girl for about 2 1/2 years. vip room activities can best be described from my experience as some of the best foreplay that i have ever had. my girl lets me touch her everwhere. she french kisses me, masturbates me. we even went down on eac other once. she is dripping wet when i touch her vagina. i would like to think that they can't fake that.

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A female reader, bordergirl United States +, writes (27 July 2011):

bordergirl is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Only one answer to my question so far. Anyone else have any information for me? Thanks for your input . .

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A male reader, TrancedRhythmEar Saudi Arabia +, writes (23 July 2011):

TrancedRhythmEar agony auntIn my experiences and there have been many in strip clubs. I love them. I'll spend anywhere from 100 - 200. I usually chat the girls up and get lapdances... but Ive been offered to get in the "VIP" areas for anywhere from 80-115 dollars. Ive refused both times. However, the strippers always stated no cameras and no rules... which at best could suggest somethin further than a lapdance. Bed dance is usually in the private rooms and monitored by a manager who walks by, not vip tho. Those are upstairs. Couch dance is same as a lap dance in my experience and some will hop on the table for no extra charge and bend over. There is usually no touching in a lap dance tho Ive kissed girls breasts before because they give me signs its okay... however thats rare unless u pay extra for vip. Hope that helps.

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