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What does relationship mean?

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Question - (13 January 2007) 5 Answers - (Newest, 13 October 2008)
A female age 41-50, anonymous writes:

what does relationship mean?

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A female reader, LOVEFANCY India +, writes (13 October 2008):

Relationship is something like love or saying like i have reationship with my daughter, cousin etc. It also can be love.

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A female reader, stina United States +, writes (14 January 2007):

stina agony auntHi there,

Relationship can mean anything really. There are all kinds of relationships. Open, exclusive, seeing one another, friends w/ benefits, etc. (At your age you should know this by now!) But if you don't know where you and your partner stand, it's definitly time for a chat with him/her to have a full understanding of what *your* relationship is and where it's going.

Take care.

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A female reader, AngelofLove United Kingdom +, writes (14 January 2007):

AngelofLove agony auntMy perception of relationship is when two people who fancy each other or are in love make a commitment together to spend time with each other.

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A female reader, dragonette Sweden +, writes (14 January 2007):

dragonette agony auntA relationship describes how two entities relate to each other.

Friendship is a relationship, and then there are different degrees of "friends" as in "close friends", "just friends" and "acquaintances").

Being "sworn enemies" would also be a relationship of sorts.

There is also blood relationship, describing how one person is related to another in terms of origin (the mother of a child, somebody's grandfather).

There are business relationships (mr Smith does business with mr Doe. They both claim to have a good business relationship).

But if somebody tells you that they are "in a relationship" it most likely means that they are in a romantic relationship with one person and dedicated to them (as in "not dating other people").

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A reader, anonymous, writes (14 January 2007):

honey a realtionship means to be in love with a guy of the opposite sex and that means u date them ok have a nice day.

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