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What does an inclusive urine pregnancy test mean?

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Question - (19 May 2008) 1 Answers - (Newest, 19 May 2008)
A female United States age 36-40, *babygirl101327 writes:

what does an inclusive urine pregnancy test mean ? im on day 26 of my cycle and still no period or signs of it. my nipples are brown and brest are sore. can some one help?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (19 May 2008):

it sounds as if you might have just urinated on the stick and got the entire window wet. that can sometimes give you an inaccurate answer. you need to put your urine in a cup and then use a dropper to place in on the stick. if it's still not valid then go to the doctor or a clinic and they can draw blood to see if you have any levels of a hormone in your body that determines how far you are

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