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What do men feel when their penis enters a vagina?

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Question - (15 May 2008) 10 Answers - (Newest, 26 August 2014)
A female Canada age 41-50, *sian tealeaf writes:

what do men feel when their penis enters a vagina? and what do they feel as a woman has orgasms? can they feel the spasms of the vagina? and a friend of mine had 5 kids, shes worried her vagina is not that tight any more as she cant feel all the time her bf cum unless hes super hard and his cock is swollen to maximum girth.

and what does it feel like when a man enters a virgin for the first time? is the tightness make a difference and what does it?

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A male reader, ianerw Ireland +, writes (26 August 2014):

I'm 47 and got into a relationship with my 56 y/old neighbour who is divorced, and had not had sex for a very long time. When I entered her for the very first time it was magical I could feel the tip of my very erect penis slowly forcing her vagina entrance apart and then her vaginal muscles gripping me. I had never felt that before, maybe it was her total inhibitions, she told me exactly the way she wanted me to thrust into her. It blew me away. Women should tell guys the way they want it.

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A male reader, luckius damaseni Tanzania - United Republic of +, writes (11 March 2014):

feel excited and confused

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A male reader, Trooth United States +, writes (8 August 2013):

I agree with wastedlife, my wife has had 3 kids, one required a huge episiotomy. It's been some years since our first time before any kids but I would say there isn't any big difference in tightness per se, but feels a little different due to what seems like more folds. My impression is anything slippery warm smooth with smooth ribbed areas is going to feel awesome to any penis. I wonder about these guys that worry are they big enough, cause often the light touch during masturbation gives a truly awesome feeling, more so than a really tight squeeze. I wonder if it is the same for women, normal pressure sliding in and out is just as pleasurable (or more) as high pressure on the vaginal walls? Most genital receptors are light touch, those receptors lose feeling or covert to pain signals with too much pressure.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (8 August 2013):

I am a human. My objective is to praise God for making woman. A woman completes me.

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A male reader, akbsgnr India +, writes (4 August 2013):

A very slippy & warm touch

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A female reader, asian tealeaf Canada +, writes (15 May 2008):

asian tealeaf is verified as being by the original poster of the question

asian tealeaf agony auntsorry to disappoint u fellas. its not me who had the 5 kids . not everyone who ask questions are lying and are really talking about themselves. its all factual and questions that we ask for our own reasons which are not necessarily anyones business unless we are willing. my pussy is just fine thank god. my friends? i could not saay. i only have a daughteer. with one more and the last on the way. maybe her mans girth is pencil thin. a lot of guys lack the girth. but thx for ur honerst answers. its apprecciated.

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A male reader, pyan Australia +, writes (15 May 2008):


first is your friend you by any chance. i have been ver lucky my wife vagin is in great shape as she never had kids that way. however some time you would think she had plenty when she is relay turned on and other times is very tight and stranges me.

no matter what is like it feel great and i would say most men would agree.

i have asked her the same question and her answer is normaly like a "dick" she says when i cum she feel the puling and can tell how much

not sure if it hepls, let us know

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A male reader, Collaroy Australia +, writes (15 May 2008):

Collaroy agony auntHi,

It feels like heaven. But it is different when you are in a relationship I believe. The orgasm is also much more intense when you are having sex with someone you love - well I've found that anyway. My current partner takes no time to loosen up at all so when I enter her it is very wet and hot - there is very little friction with her as she is quite loose but if I compare her to the best sex I had with a girl with a tight vagina she still wins hands down by a mile!

I've had sex with a virgin and with girls with tight vaginas and its generally not something I prefer as you end up with a bruised willy for a few days afterwards.

As for the looser varieties, I have had sex with a woman who had 3 kids and she was tighter than my wife who has not had children. The looser vagina is much more preferable to me as you can use any position, its always really hot and when she cums the walls contract around the penis - yeaaahhhssss!!!!

But there is a flip side, your friend with the 5 kids is an example . I am not sure if she practices kegels or not, but if she has had 5 kids chances are she will be quite spacious down there. For us guys this can get us wondering whether the GIRL is feeling anything at all ( perhaps YOU can tell us this!) and whether we are big enough to keep her satisfied. So it works both ways. But at the end of the day its the person you are sleeping with that matters most not the tightness of the vagina.

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A male reader, Replacement Canada +, writes (15 May 2008):

Replacement agony auntIt feels warm, wet, tight... good... I can feel the woman orgasm, it's usually enough to send me over the edge, because the spasms grip the shaft so tightly.

I've never had sex with a mother, so I can't comment on that. I've had sex with a few virgins, and it's always special because virgins react differently from women who are more experienced... virgins don't know what to expect, so just from that angle, it's an amazing experience.

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A male reader, WastedLife United States +, writes (15 May 2008):

When a man's penis enters the vagina of a woman he loves, or even cares deeply for, it's like going home, a wonderful feeling of acceptance and gentle warm wet ribbed squeezing against the turgidity of the penis itself. Every movement - every stroke is heaven on earth, and if he feels free to cum - after he's made sure his woman is properly excited and ready to cum herself, it's the most incredible rush, then release, then a feeling of connecting to himself, his lover, and the whole of the universe seems to flow together. And yes, he definitely feels her vaginal contractions or spasms as she hopefully attains orgasm. This description is my experience - other guys may not feel it quite the way I do. For me, it's the most wonderful experience a man can feel on earth, and he gets to share it with his woman. I have made love with a mother of four children and it can be quite wonderful - maybe not quite as tight yet possibly even tighter - it depends on her condition, how long since the last child, and whether she works out and does her kegels.

Sex with a virgin is a wonderful privilege, yet it's her first time and she's probably nervous, so the experience is one of giving her a gift, and a wonderful first time. It generally gets better after that, since she is far more relaxed after the first time. It's more about connection and love than just sticking it in and cumming. Trust me on this, at least for myself.

Sex with someone you barely know can feel very good, but the deeper feelings leading to oceanic bliss are less likely to be there.

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