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We split up to clear our heads, but when would it be OK to date again?

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Question - (5 September 2005) 1 Answers - (Newest, 5 September 2005)
A male , anonymous writes:

Dear Cupid, My story is that my Girlfriend and I broke up 3 months ago to try and clear our heads over certain issues that affected our relationship.

Some 2 months ago, she said that our relationship had come to an end ! Some 2 weeks ago, I found out thru the "grapevine" that my girlfriend assumed that while we were together and at the time we broke up that I was having an affair, which was completely untrue !!!!

The person in question was a friend (happily married) who I confided in at the time because I had no other person to talk to as I had lost contact with my old network of friends when I met my girlfriend. I decided to talk to my girlfriend and explain to her that the other person was only a friend and even offered her the chance to talk directly with my friend about the misunderstanding !!

Since then the communication between us has been postitive and she even asked me out for a coffee last week !!!!

The question I'm asking is "is now the right time to maybe starting asking her out for a date again or do I wait a little longer" ?

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A female reader, Delila +, writes (5 September 2005):

Things do seem to be looking up. I would wait a little longer though before dating properly again. Meet a few times casually first. Make sure you laugh a lot and have fun during your meetings. Make sure she knows how much you enjoy her company by showing it rather than talking about it. Let her lead for now. Keep it light, stay cool and slightly detached. Let her know that you really care about her but say it in a light hearted kind of way that doesn't make her feel obliged to reciprocate.

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