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Tips needed on how to talk to a boy on the phone. I never have anything to say!

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Question - (17 December 2006) 8 Answers - (Newest, 30 December 2008)
A female age 26-29, anonymous writes:

i just started dating this boy and everytime when we are on the phone i have nothing to say.

can u help me?

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A female reader, driftygirl13 United States +, writes (30 December 2008):

I think u should talk about things that he likes like sports,or see he what did in the day and just act cool just have fun and be cool

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (5 April 2008):

talk about where youve been,

where hes been.

anything funny that happened this week,

or just a load of random stuff like

where he wants to live when hes older,

what job he wants to do - you could learn alot.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (21 March 2008):

Its really difficult and ive beeen in situations like you. All you have to do is act cool. dont be afraid of what to say because then u forget. Act cool and talk like u talk to your friends at skool.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (10 March 2008):

Talk about a sport you love or music you like,say "Do you like soccer, footbal",exc. or "Did you hear this song from this abulm" just say something. Be postive and try to not think of bad things talk about how annoying your family i

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A female reader, Miss. Sullivan  +, writes (12 February 2008):

Well try this. Call one of your friends and ask if they ever talk to a boy on the phone. Then if they did be like what did you guys talk about and ask them for advice. Another thing is you can write on a piece of paper what to say and when they call and there's nothing to say,just say what you wrote on the paper. Here is more advice talk to them like you uasally talk to your friends. You could also ask them questions or start a conversation. Trust me everything will be fine!

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A female reader, ayeesha United Kingdom +, writes (27 December 2007):

I spend hours talking to boys on the phone; its easy! At first i was confused too.But then i realised just talk as you do to a girl freind.Afterall boys are humans just like we are right?

Soo, you can discuss anything. About school/work,T.V, celebrities, freinds, family, likes/dislikes ANYTHING!

And remember, boys are human too! So dont be scared:-)

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A female reader, prettyinpink +, writes (18 December 2006):

Aww hun I was in the same situation a few yrs back, I remember those times, the awkward silences and all the thoughts rushing through ur head wondering wut to say next, or if u'd look stupid.

I know this won't help much, but all I can say is just relax be yourself and talk about things u normally would talk about in person.

Try talking about a recent big hit movie, eg.Borat? or talk about sports, or the best way to get urself going is talk about stories of urself, like things u did as a kid, those stories are always fun.

Or if you really want, try talking to a guy friend of urs on the phone and see wut it is u guys talk about, I know the situation is a bit different but it mite help.

Just try keeping the conversations alive, if you let them die down too much he might start to think ur losing interest.

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A male reader, Zim United Kingdom +, writes (18 December 2006):

Zim agony auntAw, I remember being in that situation. If i'm right, you are very fond of this boy and you don't want to do anything that might make him think less of you is that right? Well, from someone who's been in that kind of situation, I would recommend just relaxing. I know it's hard but that boy most probably wanted to go out with you for who you are. If it helps you (I know it helped me a lot for a while:-)) write down some topics you two can talk about and have a way of finishing off the call. That way, if you get stuck for words you have a prompt list to carry on the conversation. Also, expand on as many points as you can. I'm not saying expand everything he says, but say for example he asks you what you had for dinner last night. You can expand on this by saying what you had, then who was there and also if there was anything you found funny. I know that wasn't a very good example but it was the only way I could desribe it. Again, relax.:-) You will be fine. I hope i've helped! ZIM

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