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Should I tell her how I feel?

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Question - (27 February 2006) 2 Answers - (Newest, 28 February 2006)
A male , anonymous writes:

Somebody please tell me what i should do... I am 20 years old and in the Air Force, i have felt complety alone almost my whole life until i was a senior in high school. I made a friend in my math class and when my little brother almost died she was the only person who not only was my "shoulder to cry on" she made me feel good about who i really was. It has been almost two years since i have seen or talked to her and about two weeks ago i started having a dream about her. I thought it was just a silly dream but for over two weeks i have had the exact same dream even when i'm not sleeping. She is now a senior in high school and i don't know if i should talk to her and tell her what i am feeling for her or what. Please somebody give me some guidence.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (28 February 2006):

Not having talked to or seen her for 2 years, calling her up and telling her you've been dreaming about her for two solid weeks might be a bit intense.

Instead, call or email her and say you've been thinking of her recently and wondered how she's been. Ask if you could see her sometime if your air force post is such that that's possible. If it's not, try starting up a friendship over the phone or through emails or letters.

I think it'd be nice to tell her how important her friendship was for you a few years ago, but try not to make things too heavy too soon - you don't want to create unneeded intensity.

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A female reader, smeedle United Kingdom +, writes (27 February 2006):

smeedle agony auntTalk to her, if you get the feeling she likes you then talk some more and get to know her, take her out a few times and check out your feelings, then ask her out properly if all feels right.

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