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Should I still try be friends with them, or move on?

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Question - (3 February 2009) 2 Answers - (Newest, 3 February 2009)
A male United States age 22-25, anonymous writes:

So I've been best friends with these two guys for a couple years. We all look at porn and masturbate. One time I was at work and they were looking at internet porn together and they thought it would be new and exiting to give each other hand jobs. Now they are really close to each other and leave me out of our group. And they do other gay stuff now. I can acccept that but I don't want to join in with that to pursue being their friends. My question is should I still try to be friends with them or should i get new friends?

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A female reader, kellyxxx United Kingdom +, writes (3 February 2009):

kellyxxx agony auntyou can tell them that you feel left out, tell them you want to be able to be their friend.

if they block you out then there is no harm in making new friends, this maybe the start of a relationship for them and so they may need time alone, whatever the situation is you need to find out so calmly discuss your feelings. x

keep me updated x

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A male reader, ArmyMedic United Kingdom +, writes (3 February 2009):

ArmyMedic agony auntOK I think these guys may be more than good friends. I think you should stay friends with them but when it comes to their special time I think three might be a crowd.

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