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Should I go to this concert or not?

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Question - (10 February 2018) 7 Answers - (Newest, 12 February 2018)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:

Should I go to this concert or not?. I already have a ticket to see my favourite band for a seat for the 7th row in the front centre stalls block. Some security in some venues here let you stand at the front all the way through the concert, and some let you stand there during the last two songs. The concert is next week. Someone I know is selling two tickets for front row seats. I can only buy them if I can sell my ticket as I can't afford it otherwise and only if I have a friend to buy the other front row ticket as the person selling them will only sell them as a pair. She wants the money for them all in one go. I had offered to pay as much as I could now and then the rest in instalments in the next few weeks. Or i wanted to ask a friend if they could pay for both tickets and then i could pay them back in instalments. It's all stressful really on short notice. What do you think?. Another problem is I may have to get the coach home late at night on my own. It's a five or six hour journey. It's in London and I don't know London very well. It's at the 02 Arena. Are you allowed to move forward to another seat if no one is sat there?. A friend and I did that at another venue and the security were ok with it.

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A female reader, CindyCares Italy + , writes (12 February 2018):

CindyCares agony aunt This ( if it's worth travelling or not ) is something which is completely up to you, and we cannot help you to decide; it all depends from how deeply you care about seeing this band, and from your mindset , personality and priorities.

If it were me, for instance, - no way, I would not go. I am lazy and most of all I hate hassles and anything that makes my life more complicated rather than streamlined, so, I saw quite a few concerts but luckily they were held basically at my doorstep or easily reachable with an hour drive or so. But that's just me, I know quite a few people who certainly would travel 6 hours to follow a passion, and at concerts, at least those of big names, I have always met some people who were there maybe from the other end of the country , or even had travelled from abroad.

As for reaching 02 from Victoria Coach Station though, don't worry , it would be easy. From Victoria Coach Station you can walk a 6/7 minutes walk to Victoria Underground Station ( or it's a 2 minutes bus ride ).Take Victoria line to Green Park, change at Green Park for the Jubilee Line, then Jubilee line to North Greenwich Station. About 20 minutes .

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (12 February 2018):

I am even wondering if it's with travelling all that way for a concert?. They are my favourite band, but it's a long way to go just to just have a few hours there. I would need to get to Victoria Coach Station. How far is that from the 02?.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (11 February 2018):

I am even wondering if it's worth travelling all that way for a concert. They are my favourite band, but it's a long way to go just to just have a few hours there.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (11 February 2018):

I say stick with the seats you already have and spend any extra money instead on a taxi to get home.

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A male reader, N91 United Kingdom + , writes (11 February 2018):

N91 agony auntI wouldn't waste my time faffing around to be about 3m further in front of where you already are.

Does the coach take you directly to the venue? If not why don't you book an uber to take you the rest of the way?

It's really not that hard to get around london, there are forms of transport everywhere.

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A female reader, CindyCares Italy + , writes (11 February 2018):

CindyCares agony aunt Maybe , although I totally love music and some specific groups/ performers , I am not as rabid a fan as you are... but I can't see why in the world you would go through all this unbelievable hassle just to skip ahead a few rows . What is it, Beatleasmania is back !?? Do you need to TOUCH the performers to enjoy their show ? 7th row is an excellent position, where you can see and hear and feel into the middle of things just fine, and I'd say it does not warrant actually contracting a debt! just to move few rows forward.

As for going back home, if you don't mind the long trip, which you obviously don't, I think it will be pretty easy. I don't know where you have to catch your bus but if it's anywhere in or near central London , it 's only 15-20 minutes by tube from the North Greenwich tube station ( Jubilee line ) which is only about 200 yards from the main entrance of the 02 . As for safety, we live in troubled times and nowhere alas is 100% safe, nevertheless as big cities go London is one of the safest and better controlled and patrolled in the world.

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A male reader, Allumeuse United Kingdom + , writes (11 February 2018):

Just take the seats you have. The front row may be.. 2% better but is that worth the stress?

London is easy to get around. Everyone speaks English and so do you. The tube and buses run all night and literally everyone knows where the O2 is. If you are in any doubt download the area of London into your phone and work with that. If you are totally unsure get a cab. They aren't the cheapest but you literally go from door to door. Most buses run from the national train stations or close by so be sure you can leave the venue and get there in good time. Google trip planner isn't bad at helping with this.

This frankly isn't a DC problem. You are an adult. Seeing a band in the safest most user friendly venue in London. If you need someone to hold your hand, ask your mum. If this is an anxiety problem, you need a GP referral not a website.

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