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She doesn't call me very often, does she love me?

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Question - (4 April 2011) 3 Answers - (Newest, 1 May 2011)
A male Sudan age 30-35, *mbassadeur Koko writes:

She does not call me often on phone, she can take even a week, without calling me and am the one who always call her on phone. when I ask her she tells me she loves me but she does not show her love by calls. Does she really love me? I feel she does not because as someone who matters to her she needs to check on me and see how I do if she does think about me as she says.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (1 May 2011):

I don't get it either. Just started seeing a gal and she'll say she's going to call in "a bit" and she doesn't call until later the next day. That's just rude and inconsiderate. The cop out that women don't call back as much as men do, or she's afraid to bug me, is bogus.

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A female reader, Yetilicious United States +, writes (5 April 2011):

Yetilicious agony auntSometimes a girl thinks she is bugging the guy if she calls, and that's why she doesn't. I loved this guy a ton, thought about him constantly, but I would always let him make the call first because I didn't want to be a clingy girl, or smother him. If you feel like you want her to call you, just say something about it, tell her you'd love it if she called you every once in awhile because you love hearing her voice.

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A male reader, honestman Mexico +, writes (4 April 2011):

Man, please calm down.

Each woman has their own way of showing you their affection. If she doesn't call you, it doesn't means anything. You can't measure how much a person loves you by the amount of calls she makes to you.

I'm very sure she has other ways for showing you how much she loves you. Ask her in what ways she shows you her affection. Trust her when she tells so. Also, try telling her how you show her your affection. That way, next time you or she shows affection to you in her own way, you'll understand what and why is she doing it.

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