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She didn't tell me she had a boyfriend until after I fell in love.

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Question - (28 July 2009) 1 Answers - (Newest, 1 August 2009)
A male Nigeria age 26-29, *inco writes:

i am in love with this former classmate of mine.we met and exchanged numbers and got talking.she never told me she had a guy and i never asked and i also got the feeling that she was interested.when at last i told her of my feeling,she said she was confused beacuse things were going too fast.i pestered her but she never agreed. i asked her at last if she had a guy which she said yes and i wondered why she did'nt tell me all this while until i asked.i am really confused beacuse i really love this girl and she does not seem to want to change her mind although she is still friendly.

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A male reader, Youngerthebetter United States +, writes (1 August 2009):

OK first thing grab your sack and make sure you still have a pair OK good you still have a pair. Now my friend you challenge this girl you are in love with to find out if she is worth your time and my advice is walk away and start seeing other women.

Trust me if shes worth it she will either dump her boyfriend or if she continued seeing him all you are is a piece of cake to her in her mind.

Remember the saying wanting the cake and eat it too.

Good luck

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