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She broke up with me, but still frequents all the bars I go to. My heart's broken, I don't know what to do.

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Question - (6 January 2007) 4 Answers - (Newest, 23 January 2007)
A male age 30-35, *reddie85 writes:

I (21) was with the girl (24) for the last three months, she chased after me all summer n finally when i caught on we got together n were really good together.. we ended up starting a relationship and we did fall in love, she told me she loved me very early on n said she was never as happy in her life.

she also told me that she had feelings for me she never had b4, she told me she wanted to have kids with me n marry me which she never felt for any man before, then a few weeks ago after three months she told me it was over.....

her excuse was she didnt have time for me, she wasnt sure about her feelings are nothing n all this shit but she knew how i felt about her n what she meant to me....

well on christmas night she texted me and was saying one of my mates had said something to her about her breaking up with me. also she asked me had i been with any1 else since we split up but of course i hadnt because i cant even look at another woman n still cant n she knew that....

in the mean while every thurs nite we go to the same place as in out, the last 2 ive left cause i couldnt handle seeing her but this week it was her turn she left when i went in but her mates had to go out n persuade her to come back in whats this about ???????

my heart is literally broken n its so hard to get over her...... i work in a club n b4 we started going out she was never really there but now since we split up over christmas shes never left the place.... n outta all the bars shes always at the one im at, she wont give me time to get over her which i need.... evertime i see her it breaks my heart so much....

wt am i gonna do??????? any suggestions on what u think shes thinking or what i can do to help me get over her or what can i say to her about not going near the club for a few weeks to give me some time!!!!

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A male reader, freddie85 +, writes (23 January 2007):

freddie85 is verified as being by the original poster of the question

hey, its been a few weeks now n it still hurts so so so much, i cant stop thinkin about her, n yet she still comes to the club, i never spoke to her on sat nite it was just too hard.... but i really wanna say hello.....

every sat is the same i just feel sick at the thought of going to work cause im for certian ill c her. valentines day is coming up soon im thinkin of sending her a card n writing a lil things on the inside, just to tel her what i still feel is this a good idea or not????

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (22 January 2007):

I think you should call her....and try to get some answers out .

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A male reader, MagniModi +, writes (7 January 2007):

MagniModi agony auntDude, I think she's following you around for a reason, and I'm as sure as George Bush's bomb finger that the reason isn't to become the Supreme High Tormentor of your existence. She may be confused. She may be hurting. My advice: Talk to her. Find out what's really going on. As painful as it might be, throw her a smile and see if she throws one back. be the guy she wants to marry. Good luck to you man.

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A female reader, sweetiegirl Canada +, writes (7 January 2007):

sweetiegirl agony auntJust relax you sound like your heads going to explode lol lol

sorry about the break up it's harder everytime it happens,

this is just my opinion but if i were you i would find something to fill your time up try a hobby or just hanging with some friends, do something you've never done before ( my personal fav, i tired a new food everynight ) it's all about timing and you asking her not to go to the bar isn't really fair to her either ( she might be just going there to see you ) but if she does show up when your working then just react normal i know it's hard but it's all about acting too, if she tries to talk to you just say hi and ask her how she is and then just say sorry but you have to get back to work and then walk away. after time it will get easier I swear, but for now it's going to be hard

if you have anything you want to ask me then contact me

hope that helps even if it's a bit sweetie

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