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Running out of interesting conversation with my girlfriend and afraid I'm a bore! Help!

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Question - (2 February 2006) 6 Answers - (Newest, 1 April 2010)
A male , *OVS writes:

I have a girlfriend. we have been going out for only two weeks and I feel that I am beginning to bore her. Could you tell some tips on chatting girls up and what do girls like lads to talk about to them? Please reply asap.

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A male reader, mastapiece United States +, writes (1 April 2010):

its been two weeks. if you feel like your running out of things to say in two weeks your in trouble. how interested are you in this girl? how often do you call her? how often do you go out. it s not that you have to find a soul mate with every person you end up liking, but its nice to know that don't have to run into insecurities after two weeks. never fear. your insecurity may very well stem from the fact that you do like this girl and you see a long term relationship in the works. so its great that you value her confirmation and opinion on the relationship. talk to her. tell her how you feel. get some reassurance from her that your not boring. find new things to do and talk about. it takes work it takes time and patience

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (4 April 2008):

Like earlier answers, just be yourself. Dont be afraid to spill your true beans! Just be yourself, and if your partner doesnt like it, tell them to bounce. Talk about anything YOU want to talk about. Soon enough you will be comfortable with your partner and you wont be going through this!

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (22 August 2007):

u just have to keep it real and tell her how u feel about her and ask her question about her.....and dont go boring

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A female reader, willywombat United Kingdom +, writes (2 February 2006):

willywombat agony auntBev, you sound like a top girl, not a nerd, wish now I could get my hubby to have decent conversation, not just *how liverpool got on on sat* ;-)

SOVS I think you worry to much and maybe are trying a mite to hard. When you worry your mind goes blank, when your mind goes blank you worry...vicious circle

Relax she is probably thinking the same thing.

Good luck x

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A female reader, Bev Conolly Australia +, writes (2 February 2006):

Bev Conolly agony auntTalk about ideas, theories, discoveries and philosophies. Believe me, that goes a lot farther than "How was your day?"

If you have some scientific/religious/philosophical interest in common, that's a great place to start. My husband I have always both been interested in science, so we discuss astronomy, genetics and paleontology. Not in a academic way, just generally, such as how someone realised that you could discover planets around other stars by measuring the light from that star.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that you'll have more to say if you discuss matters that require a bit of thought. Even something like comparative religions ("Is Allah the same god as the Christians' God?") or science speculation ("What would it be like to be one of the first settlers on Mars?") can be fodder for a long and interesting discussion that can really give you a feeling of connection.

And, yes, I'm aware of what a nerd I am, but I maintain that thinking about ideas beats discussions about sport or school, hands down.

Just my two cents.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (2 February 2006):

Basically just be yourself, ask her how she is, tell her she's special. Talk about both ur days, just general things. I know it's normal to run out of convostation with partners i used to worry but sometimes it's nice to have a comfortable silence. Anyways just talk about things you have in common and anything really.

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