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Reluctant to let him see me naked as I feel too fat!

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Question - (17 September 2008) 4 Answers - (Newest, 18 September 2008)
A female United States age 26-29, *ri bri writes:

ok i am 18 year old and i am 5'2 i wieght 140

ok the problem is that my boyfriend what us to have sex but we havent because of me. i feel too fat and i dont want him to see me naked because i think i might crouse him out what do i do i know am losing wieght but for me to wieght 120 is going to take a while but i dont want to keep him waiting what do i do help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (18 September 2008):

Do it in the dark.

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A male reader, little_goth_bladez United Kingdom +, writes (17 September 2008):

remember its not what you look like its your personality at heart so he can either like it or lump it

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A male reader, DoubleM United States +, writes (17 September 2008):

DoubleM agony auntFirst of all, there is no reason to be in such a hurry. If he is not already a long-term love, with a lot of really great time that you have spent together, then you should expect that his insistence on sex is something less than true love, caring and affection. However, if you are determined to submit to sexual activity, and he says that he wants it, then your current boyfriend has already decided that you are good enough (possibly just for now). My guess is that he just wants the sex and he will not pay any attention at all to so-called stretch marks or hair. He is likely just anxious to have the sex . . . and he would not be with you if he was groused-out. That is the least of the potential problem here. Your concern may also focus on your probable feelings if he gets it and then dumps you. You know him - I do not, but my suggestion is to very carefully consider . . .

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A female reader, Tremor Australia +, writes (17 September 2008):

Tremor agony auntIt's perfectly natural to be worried when getting naked in front of someone else - it's a vulnerable position to be in. But if your boyfriend is a decent bloke, he will love you regardless of what you look like naked - in fact, he will probably think you are gorgeous, and love you for all your womanly curves. =)

Besides, what man doesn't love a naked woman, regardless of size? ;-)

Have you told your boyfriend how you feel? Perhaps it's something you should take up with him. Let him know you are feeling insecure about your body, and I'll bet he will understand.

Good luck!

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